A Cry For Help: Help Force Leadership Problems Made Public

ZIPLINE, Help Force Empire – There’s a storm beneath seemingly calm waters at Help Force as multiple former staff members step out with allegations against the leadership. What concerns were serious enough for them to leave their beloved army?

Recently, anonymous former staff members of the Help Force came forth with a blog post titled “The Truth About Help Force Staff.” In this lengthy post containing four staff member’s confessions, the creators of the website proceeded to expose various internal tensions between the leadership and staff.

In Kendall’s story, she cited an extreme lack of communication between staff and the leadership, including Barnito, Help Force’s current leader, and Tistle, who preceded him. Additionally, she alleged that instead of approaching her to address issues, Tistle would target her specifically in staff announcements, withhold her from promotions, berate her for changing her booster role, all while being unfocused on the army in favor of other pursuits such as chatting in the Penguin Saloon server. Moreover, she became discontent that Tistle barred staff from swearing and spamming, yet would proceed to do the same with no repercussions.

DMs between former Help Force leader Hannah and Tistle, click to enlarge

DMs continued, click to enlarge

Tistle allegedly choosing to watch the Penguin Saloon (PS) server over Help Force right before an invasion, click to enlarge

Examples provided by Kendall of “Tistle spamming,” click to enlarge

Following Barnito’s promotion to Commander, issues also arose where Kendall was demoted under the guise of taking a break. She stated that staff became internally divided, pushed blame towards her, and in her words, “Some staff would become more strict and limit the fun level so low it felt like a prison.” Furthermore, she claimed that promotions were biased, Barnito would expect the Third in Commands to deal with issues themselves instead of answering questions, and that they received no intel nor communication despite holding high ranks in the army.

Barnito allegedly withholding Kendall’s admiral role, click to enlarge

Moving onto lafilleaveclevisage’s–also known as Taylor’s–story, she alleged that she was tasked with keeping Help Force’s US division alive along with Monika and Kendall, both of whom were also staff members. However, this arrangement quickly led to many issues as Monika adjusted to a new European timezone and frequently missed events and segments. On the other hand, Taylor was also discontent that Kendall was not receiving adequate consideration as a Third in Command and often being brushed aside despite her extensive staff experience.

DMs provided by Taylor, click to enlarge

The problems don’t stop there as Taylor stated that the other staff was generally unsupportive, mocked the US division’s poor performance, and berated their efforts. What finally pushed her to leave was the inequity in promotions as she saw another moderator promoted following two months of activity, whereas she was stuck at the lowest mod rank for 3.5 months before her promotion. She claims this is in spite of her previous efforts in keeping the U.S. division afloat and eventually raising their max to 40+.

Staff making comments about the U.S. division, click to enlarge

Staff comments continued, click to enlarge

Dawn, another former staff member, came out to say what she felt were “ridiculous” rules. This included no swearing in staff chats and no use of capital letters unless it was for hype. She too was demoted after Barnito raised concerns about Help Force members coming to him and stating they were uncomfortable due to her rambunctious behavior in the main chat. Dawn alleged that one of the members in question confirmed that they weren’t uncomfortable at all and that she was “lied to constantly” by Barnito. To conclude, Dawn stated that it was unfair for her to be demoted while other staff members consistently “harasse[d] a fellow [staff member].”

Staff who were unhappy about the strict rules imposed on them, click to enlarge

The last story came from an anonymous source. They cited that following taking a break for exams, Tistle and other staff members were generally not understanding about the circumstances in their life and would instead publically blame them and make fun of them. Staff became divided between teens and adults, fun and no fun, and the anonymous source stated they felt demoralized from hosting segments due to the constant chiding and low support they received.

Tistle publically discussing Anonymous’s inactivity, click to enlarge

Discussion continued, click to enlarge

Further comments made about Anonymous, click to enlarge

To conclude their post, the anonymous creators stated that they did not wish to coup any of the leaders or staff, only to present the truth of what happens behind the scenes.

In accordance with CP Army Hub’s policy of right of reply, we reached out to leader Barnito for a statement on the situation.

Help Force has other matters to attend than wasting efforts on a petty tantrum made by people who didn’t want to follow rules. Even Choc could’ve made a better exposing post. That isn’t even a proper exposing. Some screenshots don’t even support their thesis. They should dm the person they’ve attacked the most in their post and make paces with them, because they barely talked about the army. Or as Elp would say, grow up already.

After a continuous build-up of conflicts, Help Force saw the loss of multiple staff members. What impact will this have on the army? Will it resolve their tensions and enable them to move forward? Or will the root of the issues come back and cause further arguments?

What do YOU think? How will the Help Force fare following these incidents? Were the creators of the blog in the right? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


6 Responses

  1. HF is better off without the staff thats left and made this post. They don’t talk about how Kendall completely ignored how someone was being made fun of and bullied because her friend was the one antagonizing said person. The website doesn’t mention how Dawn was atrempting to bait a member into saying someone so that she could then use her perms to punish that member. It doesn’t mention how clique-y the named trio was, along with a couple others. Plenty of members were scared to speak up and defend themselves because you get on one of their bad sides, and suddenly the whole lot of them has it out for you. This entire post is childish and the points within it are a pathetic attempt to make themselves out to be the victims. Toodles to them


  2. I think… Help Force Best Force


  3. damn. I am in hf and I didn’t know all this shit has been brewing in the bg. never really paid attention to staff promotions but I think I see it now, there hAve been unfair promotions lately :Sip: I’m honestly surprised. ty for sharing your truth guys, idk what this means for hf future. Taylor leaving was so shocking and disappointing but I see it now 😦 also what on earth is a penguin saloon


  4. Oh no, not the plastics leaving…Toodles!


  5. These 4 were known as bullies in HF. Would bully members and repeatedly ignore them when asked to stop. Good riddance to all of you and better luck next time at trying to expose “fake force” when the only thing fake about the force, was you 3 🙂


  6. Help force might not be for everyone , the only solution for HF’s strict rules is just to leave the army and look for a better cpa career elsewhere.
    No hate on HF because ive been there and still have friends there but the general rule is , if you can’t take it , your better off leaving it .


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