Life After Flash: What is YOUR Army Doing?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – We have all been anticipating the day that Flash dies and now that we’re getting close, let’s take a look at what these armies are planning for after December.

As the days go by, we inch closer and closer to December. To most people, this signifies the holiday season and the star of a new year. However, for the people reading this article, it signifies the end of an era.

Every army has been heavily affected ever since the news of Flash shutting down was released. Everyone has yet to figure out what is in store for club penguin armies, and CPPS’ as a whole, once Flash has shut down for good. A common thought would be to move to another game platform such as Roblox or Minecraft, and others may just keep their server as a place for their members to hang out and socialize.

The CP Armies announcement regarding Flash.

CPPS’ such as CPArmies, SuperCP, and NewCP, are also facing a dilemma as a result of this inevitable shut down. Will these CPPS’ be able to continue functioning and operating as normal without flash? Or will they also come to an end alongside everything else held near and dear to the army community?

CP Army Hub was able to contact the leaders of several major and small/medium armies to find out their plans for after December.

Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been preparing for the post Flash era for quite sometime now. As an army we’ve been through times like this, like in 2017, where the community is unsure of what’s next. We will look to pursue the future of HTML5 CPPS and keep RPF moving forward. We stand by the community during this time and hope to see majority of armies stay alive alongside us. It’s a bit nerve wracking for all army leaders and owners, so as long as we have each other to build off of there will be a future.

Ice Warriors

Right now we’re still discussing some plans, but we’re basically going to stick with the community depending on which cpps everyone ends up going with. Internally we’re having meetings with our hcom to lay out all of our options, and in december we’ll make a final decision once we’re able to see which options are available for a possible move when the time comes.

Army of Club Penguin

ACP returned to the community as a CPR army and was one of the last to begin using CPA – and so whilst CPA has been amazing for armies in general with all the army based commands, item adders for us to hold themed events, etc., we will likely be returning to our CPR roots in the future, and continue enjoying the game with our troops.

Help Force

Probably move onto the HTML5 version of CPR with most of our activities. There’s nothing much that we can think of at the moment due to uncertainty of when it will be released, probable new rules against armies since CPR doesn’t go eye to eye with us armies xD But I’m sure that CPArmies and Help Force Island will be missed.


The Doritos have a great community and if a reliable alternative CPPS is made we will look into performing events there. However, if we don’t find a suitable CPPS, we will still continue the great community we have made in other games.

Golden Troops

So currently everything is under wraps and hasn’t been disclosed to anyone yet and we are going to keep it that way. We have a few ideas and plans that we hope to go through with if it works out but nothing has been fully decided yet. Currently we will not be releasing any info on what we do after Flash.

Secret Service

Well we currently don’t have any plans in relation to flash closing down. However, I believe SS will just be in temporary lockdown until find a solution. So in conclusion we will not shut down unless there is no way of using a CPPS.

Fighter Pilots

Not really too sure yet, we kinda just go with the flow so we’ll try to make things work, if not we’ll probably just keep playing Minecraft.


Firstly, we found a Roblox game called the “Third Crusade.” In which it is a Roblox game based on the historical time period that the Templars are from. We will be sending a few HCOM members to help with the Holy Roman Empire faction that is connected to us there. Secondly, I’ve directed all High Command to sign up for New Club Penguin, as we see it as the future home for many armies. We are only trying to get a head start amongst the rest. In conclusion, Templars is never over. Never think it will be. We will always thrive in one way or another.

Dark Warriors

We’re planning some stuff, but we’re not announcing it yet.

It seems that most armies are looking to move their individual communities to a variety of other games, while other armies hold out hope for a CPPS’ that will survive after Flash is gone. Whether armies shut down, move on, or continuing playing club penguin, this community will remain memorable to all those who have experienced it.

What do YOU think? Will we see the continuation of club penguin armies after December? Will there be a new, yet similar community created? Let us know your thoughts below!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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