A Day in the Life of a Moderator

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Moderators are a staple for almost any Discord server, and CP Army Hub is no different. When things get messy in the main chat, who are the people who swoop in to save the day?

In the latest edition of our weekly Thursday column, “A Day In The Life Of…,” we take a look into the daily schedule of a moderator, who is responsible for keeping the peace within CP Army Hub’s Discord server. What constitutes their daily life, and what does it take to be a moderator?

What is a moderator?

Moderators are a select few people who are trusted with manage messages, add roles, view audit logs, and mute perms. Their responsibilities include making sure the chat is safe from spam, NSFW messages, flooding, and other inappropriate content. Additionally, they make sure that messages are sent in the correct channel, and often you can find them redirecting people to #main-chat. Without further ado, moderators Leila and Tsanami are here to present the typical day of a moderator.

What is a moderator’s day like?

I’ll give it to you straight, being a CPAH mod isn’t all glitz and glam. We wake up, check mod chat to see what terrors await us, and it’s usually a long list of IDs of raiders. We then hop into main chat to see what locals await us, asking questions about their dogs. Here and there, a few stray messages about how we are terrible and biased–just awful things. It’s always fun being a mod after a big war or a big battle. Unfortunately, it’s our duty to mute the misbehaving troops.

A common wake up call for CP Army Hub moderators, click to enlarge

The locals would have to be our favorite part. There are many different shapes and sizes of CP Army Hub locals; we even have a list of the top three worst army locals! Unfortunately, being a moderator means being subjected to frequent direct messages from them, asking us to play Roblox.

Another big part of being a moderator is assigning roles to people. A while back, the role bot Nadeko decided to go to sleep indefinitely, and moderators were tasked with giving roles left and right when people asked for them in #bot-commands. Normally, however, we go the extra mile to welcome new members and add their army roles by checking mutual servers.

The plight of a moderator, click to enlarge

Another highlight of being a CPAH moderator is being confused with CParmies moderators and developers. So after being pinged in main chat asking why the game isn’t working or whether we can approve an account, we just sit there. Moderating a server with as many crazy locals as CP Army Hub has is a 24-hour job. So if you fall asleep at 9 PM, you miss all the fun!

A request for moderators Pjayo and Leila to approve an account, which is unfortunately beyond their capabilities. Click to enlarge

As moderators, we testify that we are very serious individuals. We enjoy pinning the most random messages in main chat, sending silly emotes, and watching #mod-chat go down as Pookie437, Pjayo, and Koloway talk about wrestling. Very serious indeed.

Wrestling talk at 3 am in mod-chat, click to enlarge

At the end of the day, being a moderator comes with its perks and downfalls. On one hand, it comes with the ability to keep the chats clear of legitimate rule-breaking, but on the other hand, it involves having locals pinging and DMing us more often than other server members. However, being a mod is (usually) an enjoyable job outside of encounters with locals, CP Army Hub trolls, or pals who enjoy bullying mods instead of the admins. Despite those grievances, ultimately, the moderators are like family, and we’re very thankful to have met each other on this team.

What do YOU think? Would you want to be a moderator? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Hub Moderator and Featured Guest


CP Army Hub Moderator and Featured Guest


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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