Back in Black: Shadow Troops Return To Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Troops Empire – This historic army returned on November 26th with a strong performance in their opening event. What led to the revival of this army?

The Shadow Troops is an army created by Commando993 in 2008. Their history includes a highly successful war against the Army of Club Penguin in 2012. The Shadow Troops were able to conquer many of the opposing army’s land in this war. After the closure of Club Penguin in 2017, the army had a couple of unsuccessful revivals before becoming inactive.

Earlier this week, the Shadow Troops were revived under the leadership of SCargo2, Sweater, Storm, and Sammie. In the post titled “Return event”, SCargo2 announced that the Shadow Troops official return event would be held on November 25th.

SCargo2 announcing the return event of the Shadow Troops.

On November 25th, the Shadow Troops held their revival event where they maxed 16 penguins.

The Shadow Troops revival event.

CP Army Hub reached out to the Shadow Troops Leaders for an interview but the leaders declined the offer.

With the end of the Flash era rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see what the Shadow Troops will do. What will the Shadow Troops achieve? What will they do after the end of Flash?

What do YOU think? Will the Shadow Troops rise to great heights? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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