Part Two: Life After Flash; What is YOUR Army Doing?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – We have all been anticipating the day that Flash dies and now that we’re getting close, let’s take a look at what these armies are planning for after December.

As the days go by, we inch closer and closer to December. To most people, this signifies the holiday season and the star of a new year. However, for the people reading this article, it signifies the end of an era.

Every army has been heavily affected ever since the news of Flash shutting down was released. Everyone has yet to figure out what is in store for club penguin armies, and CPPS’ as a whole, once Flash has shut down for good. A common thought would be to move to another game platform such as Roblox or Minecraft, and others may just keep their server as a place for their members to hang out and socialize.

The CP Armies announcement regarding Flash.

CPPS’ such as CPArmies, SuperCP, and NewCP, are also facing a dilemma as a result of this inevitable shut down. Will these CPPS’ be able to continue functioning and operating as normal without flash? Or will they also come to an end alongside everything else held near and dear to the army community?

Previously, 10 armies gave their statements as to what their plans were after Flash is gone, CP Army Hub was able to contact the leaders of several more major and small/medium armies to find out their plans for after December.


Water Ninjas

We are currently planning on how we should deal with the situation but nothing is confirmed yet.

Special Weapons and Tactics

Okay, we are moving to Paniniscult CPPS. Once flash dies.

Water Vikings

Well we don’t plan on closing or anything like that, just gonna move to cpr until a viable cparmies html5 alternative springs up

Silver Empire

Silver Empire HCOM is still discussing for the most part and hasn’t come to a concrete decision as of this moment. We have a lovely close knit community and plan to stay active playing games with one another, as well as find a reliable alternative CPPS to host basic events on. This is just the idea as of right now, but when the end of December rolls around we will have more of an idea as we will have a better idea of the possibilities in front of us

Red Ravagers

RR is planning on staying open and strong by doing Club Penguin events on HTML-based CPPSes like Club Penguin Rewritten and we will be doing more events on other games, Roblox, and Minecraft

Island Invaders

The Island Invaders plan to move the legendary Panini’s Cult CPPS. It would be a great way for all members to gain the coveted nameglow and also stay together post flash removal. Ayooooo!

One Direction Army

 ODA has always been a family and we will continue to be one after December. Although we don’t have any plans set in stone we will figure out what works best for us and our members and will continue to be a family. It might be just chatting or moving to another gaming platform but whatever happens we will remain a family.

Pizza Federation

PZF will continue use whatever cpps survives the end of flash, as well as focus on growing our communities on other games such as minecraft and among us.

Fire Ninjas

Our plan is to stick together and hopefully DM recruit as much as possible even tho flash player is shutting down at the end of December, but were hoping to continue afterwards once the html 5 is made and ready to go once its setup for us to continue playing cp. We will still be together and have fun while cant play cp after December, I plan on streaming movies and other thing to keep us together.

It seems that most armies are looking to move their individual communities to a variety of other games, while other armies hold out hope for a CPPS’ that will survive after Flash is gone. Whether armies shut down, move on, or continuing playing club penguin, this community will remain memorable to all those who have experienced it.

What do YOU think? Will we see the continuation of club penguin armies after December? Will there be a new, yet similar community created? Let us know your thoughts below!

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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