Lydia Hangs Up Her Skateboard

MITTENS, Skateboarders Empire –  Following a period of relative success and stability, it was announced that Lydia will be retiring from Skateboarders leadership. What ultimately led to her retirement?

The Skateboarders were founded on October 27th, 2020 by Ot_ter and Doruk. It was originally intended to be a revival of the Skaters, but after failing to receive full approval from the creators of the Skaters, Ot_ter and Doruk took matters into their own hands and rebranded to the Skateboarders. Despite the recent controversy that was seen in their battle against the Island Invaders, the Skateboarders have been rising up in the ranks recently, placing as high as third in the Small/Medium Army Top Ten just a few weeks ago.

Skateboarders battle against Island Invaders

Lydia got her start in the army community in December of 2019 by joining the Doritos and was able to achieve the rank of Fifth in Command before moving over to the Ice Warriors. Following her time with Ice Warriors, she joined the Redemption Force and achieved the rank of Second in Command. After Redemption Force’s most recent shutdown, she then went on to become a Leader in Training with the Templars, however, she soon departed this position to focus on the Skateboarders. As of November 25th, 2020, Lydia announced that she will be stepping down from Skateboarders leadership due to her recent enlistment in the Underground Mafias Army.

Lydia’s announcement of her retirement in the Skateboarders Discord server, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub had the privilege of speaking with Lydia and gathering her thoughts behind her retirement.

Why did you decide to step down from Skateboarders Leadership?

Well I joined UMA and got 3ic, I didn’t want to be a dual enlist and as much as I loved skateboarders I just wanted to focus on UMA. I enjoyed my leadership but I didn’t want to leave UMA so I talked with Ivy and came to conclusion to leave the leadership.

What was your favorite memory whilst leading Skateboarders?

I have many but one of them were when we held a U-Lead event and one of our troops came up with the tactic “LYDIA GET A BOYFRIEND.” The troops were just making tactics bullying me and I decided to fire back. It was really fun lmao.

How do you think Skateboarders will fare following your departure?

I think they will do just as fine without me.

Do you plan on returning to Skateboarders leadership in the future?

Probably, if I see they seriously need help i’ll come back and try helping the best I can.

Although Lydia has decided to step down as leader of the Skateboarders, it is clear that she believes that they will be in good hands under the leadership that is left behind. Only time will tell how well this army will do in her absence.

What do YOU think? How will the Skateboarders fare following the departure of Lydia? What does the future hold for this up and coming army? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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