Rising Tides: Water Vikings Gain Two New Leaders

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Vikings Empire – Following the recent retirement of a few Viking Commanders, Vivala and Potassium have joined the Water Vikings leadership. What do they have in store for the army?

Potassium joined the army community back in 2015 as a member of the Water Vikings. He ranked up to a Third in Command and held the position until Club Penguin’s closure. In February of this year, Potassium returned to the Water Vikings and has remained with the army ever since.

Vivala, on the other hand, joined the Pirates and Redemption Force when they were advertised on Club Penguin Online. She eventually left both armies for the Doritos where she later ranked up to a leadership position. In early August, Vivala moved to the Water Vikings as a Second in Command. Alongside her commitment to the Water Vikings, Vivala was also part of the Most Wanted’s revival back in September. Following her recent promotion in the Water Vikings, Vivala has retired from the Most Wanted’s high command.

Water Vikings facing the Doritos in a recent practice battle

Within the past two months, Water Vikings leaders Pjayo, Buddy, and Adden all made the decision to retire due to reasons relating to real-life responsibilities such as school. However, following these various retirements, the Water Vikings witnessed the promotion of two new leaders. On November 26th, Pjayo announced the addition of Vivala and Potassium to the Water Vikings leadership.

Announcement of new leaders Vivala and Potassium, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to both Potassium and Vivala for an interview regarding their recent promotions.

How do you feel about your promotion?

Vivala: Of course it’s a nice thing, I’m happy they thought I was doing a good job and trust me.

Potassium: I’m thrilled and grateful that both the High Council and Leaders viewed me as good enough to be given the leader role

What do you plan to accomplish while you’re leading the army?

Vivala: I’m planning to turn Water Vikings into an elite meme hub with a channel dedicated to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Potassium: While leading the Water Vikings, I would hope to accomplish a solid place in the Christmas Chaos. Afterwards, my goal is to, with the other leaders, bring WV to the very top of CPA, rivalling the likes of RPF in size.

What can we expect from you during your time leading the army?

Vivala: Well now that I’m leader I’ll be leading more events so that’s one thing to expect, along with most likely doing some of the event results posting and playing a bigger role in organizing events.

Potassium: You can expect the army to thrive as it always has, we’ll do our absolute best to improve the army every day, through countless hours work.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Vivala: I hope everyone in the army community had a good Thanksgiving if they celebrate. Best of luck to all in CC. Also superhero is a furry.

Potassium: It’s been an honour to serve as a HCOM in this army, and I’m sure the experience will be even better as a leader. Expect big things from WV, during both Christmas Chaos and going into 2021.

Both Vivala and Potassium have had many experiences within the army community and seem excited to contribute to the Water Vikings as a leader. Following the new addition to their leadership, how will the Water Vikings fare? What feats will they accomplish?

What do YOU think? What heights will the Water Vikings reach under their two new leaders? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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