Fire Ninjas Announce Merge After Ronaldo Extinguishes His Flame as Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Ninjas Empire – Following the Fire Ninjas being revived after seven years of dormancy, Ronaldo Vargas decided to step down from leadership. Shortly after his announcement, it was revealed that the Fire Ninjas would be merging into the Secret Service. What led to this decision?

The Fire Ninjas is an army originally created in 2013. This recent generation burned their way into the army picture on November 17th, 2020, under the leadership of Ronaldo VargasAggiepieTodorokook, and epic gamer moment. The Ninjas managed to max 10 troops online at their revival event.

Despite the motivation of the troops to help the army grow, Ronaldo decided it was best for him to step down from Fire Ninjas leadership. The reason for this was Flash being set to go out of usage after December 13th and the imminent temporary break in services of the CPPS. He announced his decision to retire in the Fire Ninjas Discord server.

Ronaldo Vargas’ Retirement Announcement. Click to enlarge

Following the announcement of Ronaldo’s retirement, another unanticipated announcement was made a few hours later in the Fire Ninjas Discord Server. Todorokook announced that the Fire Ninjas will be merging into their allies, the Secret Service.

Todorokook announcing that Fire Ninjas will be merging. Click to enlarge

The CP Army Hub team decided to interview Ronaldo Vargas, to gather his thoughts on both his retirement, and the news of the merge into Secret Service.

Is there any connection between you retiring and the decision that was made to merge into the Secret Service?

Not really im kind of mad that i didn’t get a say in the merge but it was not really anything with the merge.

What has been your favorite memory whilst leading Fire Ninjas?

My favorite memory was when we became CPAH official.

How do you think your old staff with Fire Ninjas will fare in Secret Service?

My old staff team are agreeing that if Fire Ninjas comes back again we will be ready to take action but in Secret Service they will take their time in there for now.

Is it safe to say that we should anticipate another generation of Fire Ninjas?

Yes in January so i wouldn’t call this a shutdown but more of a break.

Although Ronaldo was a “Godfather” within the Fire Ninjas army, he was unaware that there were talks of merging with the Secret Service. Despite this, it is clear that Ronaldo believes that the Fire Ninjas will be back following the change to HTML5. As far as the merge goes, Ronaldo clearly believes that his former staff will be just fine in Secret Service.
What do YOU think? How will the former Fire Ninjas members respond to the merge? Will Fire Ninjas return to the community in the future? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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