S/M Top Ten Armies [11/22/20-11/28/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The small-medium Top Ten sees some reshuffling within the ranks and two new entries.

1. Special Weapons and Tactics [43.00]

[NEW!] 2. Roti Warriors [37.41]

3. Templars [37.17]

4Wild Ninjas [36.40]

5. Golden Troops [34.92]

↑ 6. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [31.93]

[NEW!] 7. Black Jackets [30.50]

 8. Skateboarders [29.80]

↑ 9. Pizza Federation [29.33]

↓ 10. Fighter Pilots [25.75]

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1. Special Weapons and TacticsThe Special Weapons and Tactics hosted 3 events this week. They kicked it off with a Mini Practice Battle and Training event on Monday against the Ice Warriors in which they hit 30. A couple days later, SWAT held a Tree Takeover on Wednesday with a total of 23 penguins. Finishing off their week with a blast, the Special Weapons and Tactics participated in the Christmas Chaos tournament on Saturday against the Pizza Federation with a total of 28 online.


2. Roti Warriors: The Roti Warriors held a grand total of 10 events this week. To kick it off, they maxed 9 at a curry cooking competition and 3 at a practice battle against the Doritos. Soon after, they maxed 7 and 5 at two AUSIA events. They maxed 11 at their next US event, then 5 at a birthday party. The Roti Warriors maxed 9 at another AUSIA event on Saturday. Finally, they maxed 5 and 9 at two US events to end their week.

3. Templars: The Templars began their week with an ‘Operation: Homeland’ and maximum size of 22, followed by a battle against the Water Ninjas with 27 in attendance. They then challenged the Island Invaders in battle and saw 32 penguins online.

4. Wild NinjasThe Wild Ninjas had an eventful week, hosting a total of 5 events. Their first was an Os Mascarados Army themed event where they saw 14 online. They followed this with a ‘Ninjas Battle’ against the Army of CP divisions where they reached sizes of 17. The next day they had another battle, this time against the Templars where they had 15 ninjas in attendance. Their following training event had them max 14 and they topped their week off invading the Super CP server ‘Deshielo’.

5. Golden Troops: In a week that proved all that glitters is gold, the Golden Troops kicked off their week with an AUSIA training and managing to achieve the max size of 13. On Tuesday, GT saw both a max 8 UK/US training and a max 9 Mancala tournament. Three days later, the Golden Troops defended Deshielo with a max of 18. Ending their week on an unresolved chord, 6 troops of GT battled it out with the Ice Warriors during the first round of Christmas Chaos X.

6. Recon Federation of Club Penguin: The Recon Federation enjoyed a busy week filled with an array of unique event titles. Their first event, named “Okay let’s not forget my bestfree shes a bad bleep attitude on straight savage”, saw 7 in attendance. This was followed by a “Megan Thee Car” party that saw a maximum of 9. A “waiting for an SZA album” event followed and peaked at 8, as well as an “annual political fight” with a size of 16. Two Thanksgiving events, one being named “#thanksgivingisoverparty”, occurred and saw peaks of 8 and 9. Finally, a “waiting for Rihanna music” event saw 7 penguins online.

7. Black Jackets: The Black Jackets had two events this week. The first event that they held this week was their opening event in which they were able to see 30 troops attend to show their support for the new generation of the Black Jackets. Their final event for the week was a Star Wars Takeover where 14 Jackets were seen at the event.

8. Skateboarders: The Skateboarders started their week off with an unfortunately unsuccessful defense of Mittens where they maxed a total of 18 penguins. The next day they successfully invaded Mittens with a max of 7. They continued their week with a Canadian training composed of 6 skateboarders. They ended off their week with an exciting practice battle against Ice Warriors where they were able to max a total of 7 troops!

9. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation held 3 events this week. They began their week on Wednesday, holding a hide and seek event, where they peaked at 11 troops. On Friday, they held a training event for their upcoming CCX battle, hitting a max of 10 chefs. Saturday, they went up against SWAT in the first round of the CCX tournament, coming out victorious, and reaching a max of 25.

10. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots held a total of 4 events this week. Their first event was an Invasion of Arctic Blast on Sunday in which they maxed 7. The next day, the Pilots hosted a Fashion Show with a total of 11 participants! Following a fun activity, the Fighter Pilots continued to host a U-Lead event on Tuesday with a total of 9 troops. To finish off their week, the Pilots faced the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Christmas Chaos tournament with 8 troops in attendance.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Sarah, Crazzy, Ivy, Koloway, Cassie, Fatchicken88, Caramel, Mehakk, Rah, Fusion, Sophie, Max


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