Skateboarders Rebrand to Fire Warriors, Leadership Switch-Up Ensues

Mittens, Skateboarders Empire – Just days after witnessing the retirement of Lydia, the Skateboarders find themselves closing and rebranding to the Fire Warriors. What led to the decision to rebrand?

The Skateboarders is an army founded on October 20th by Ivy_ (formally known as Ot_ter). The army was originally going to be the revival of Skaters, a major army maxing around 40 in early 2020. After some disapproval from veterans and legends, it was rebranded to Skateboarders. Skateboarders would go on to peak at a max of 18 during their defense/invasion of Mittens under the leadership of Ivy_, LydiaSweater, and Izuno.

Max of 18 during the invasion of Mittens

In a post titled “Hot On Your Heels” posted on the Fire Warriors website revealed the future for the Skateboarders. Within the post, it revealed the plans to rebrand to the Fire Warriors and only use Club Penguin Rewritten due to the discontinuation of Adobe Flash. While rebranding, only one leader would remain in their position, that being Ivy_. Both Izuno and Sweater stepped down from the leadership positions in the army. However, the newly dubbed Warriors saw Ram Em join the leadership beside Ivy_. 

Roman Fire Warriors back in 2009

Ram Em first joined the community back in March, being recruited into the Silver Empire. She would later go on to lead armies such as the Most Wanted in October and Secret Service earlier this month.

CP Army Hub staff reached out to Ivy_ for her thoughts on the current situation.

What led to the decision to rebrand to Fire Warriors?

I wanted to sing ‘Fireball’ at events, and Fire Warriors matches the theme better

What were the reasons behind the new leadership changes?

Ram basically forced me into hiring her and firing everyone else

How do you plan to utilize Club Penguin Rewritten?

We don’t

Anything else you’d like to add?

We’re Army Veterans who have led many small medium armies but have had success within Special Weapons & Tactics (major status), Mayhem (major status) and Shadow Reacon (minor status)

With a new, experienced staff team, it seems that they are ready to start a new era.  How will the Fire Warriors fare? How will they contribute to this army?

What do YOU think? What new lengths with the Fire Warriors reach? Let us know in the comment section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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