Top Ten Armies [11/22/20-11/28/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As we prepare to enter the final month of the year, we see a new army enter the top three.

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 1. Rebel Penguin Federation [92.22]

 2. Ice Warriors [87.18]

3. Help Force [81.88]

4. Army of Club Penguin [72.37]

 5. Doritos [65.00]

6. Dark Warriors [51.97]

 7. Water Vikings [47.00] 

8. Water Ninjas [46.60]

9. Red Ravagers [43.91]

 10. Silver Empire [43.29]

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1. Rebel Penguin FederationThe Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of ten events this week. To start things off, 42 troops logged on for an AUSIA Hollywood Hide and Seek. Hours later, they held a stealthy spy event maxing 47 spies. On Tuesday, the Rebels invaded the free land Hibernate, seeing a size of 52 troops for this AUSIA event. Afterward, they had a training event in preparation for the Christmas Chaos Tournament, maxing 52. The following day, 54 Rebels successfully invaded the server Glacier from the Most Wanted army. On Thursday, the Rebels dressed up in Arctic camouflage, reaching a max of 41 at this training event. To switch things up, they held an AUSIA mining event on Friday and struck gold with a size of 43. Their next event was an enjoyable Card Jitsu tournament. For this event, 48 Rebels battled it out for a chance at winning the elusive champion role. Next up was the Federation’s last training event before the tournament. They achieved a size of 41 at their AUSIA training, and afterwards battled against the Fighter Pilots for Round 1 of Christmas Chaos. The Rebels were able to max an astounding 75 troops for this, taking a 3-0 victory and successfully proceeding to the next round of Christmas Chaos.

2. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors started their chilling week with a Divisional Practice battle where Teams Polar & Blizzard combined to make 56 troops. Just a day later, the Ice Warriors saw a max of 47 while battling their allies SWAT. Later came a size 54 max for our Warriors on Tuesday as they held a Staff U-Lead event, and a max 58 Heroes vs Villains battle on Wednesday. Two days later, IW first took it to the streets in an AUSIA Practice Battle against the Skateboarders with a max of 43 and later held a Black Friday Fever event with a max of 50. To put a cap on the week, the Ice Warriors stormed their way through the Golden Troops in the first round of Christmas Chaos X with a max size of 56.

3. Help ForceHelp Force held a total of 9 events this week. They started off their week with AUSIA and US stamp events where they maxed 47 and 52 respectively. They then held a Lumberjack take-over event in EU timings, where they saw a max of 30 helpers. The next day they held a stamp adventure where they maxed 39, and a referee takeover where they maxed 47. Their cosmic umbrella take-over the next day saw a size of 37 penguins, and the stupendous stamping session held the day after had a max of 54. To end off their week Help Force held 2 events. A US goalie takeover event, where they maxed 33, and an AUSIA gathering with a max of 46 troops!

4. Army of Club PenguinThe Army Of Club Penguin held 9 events this week. They began their week on Monday, with a UK Starbucks event, where they hit a max of 28. The same day, they held a US football event, where they peaked at 31 troops. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA cow event, where they had 36 troops in attendance. Later that day, they held an Elemental branch battle with the Wild Ninjas, where they maxed 36 clover defenders. They held a UK stamp collecting event on Wednesday, where they hit a max of 32 troops. On Thursday, they celebrated CSY’s 1 year anniversary in an AUSIA event, where they peaked at 39. They held a US turkey event on Friday, where they had 39 troops in attendance. On Saturday, they held the “Great AUSIA Gathering”, where they battled against multiple armies, and maxed a total of 30 troops. To end off their week, they held a UK pirate event, reaching a max of 32.

5. DoritosThe Doritos had three events this week. The first event they held was a practice battle against the Water Vikings where they saw 52 troops in attendance. The second event they held this week was an event for their Spanish Division on Super CPPS where they saw 49 troops attend. To cap off the week they had a Doritos Dinamita Training against the Roti Warriors. They were able to capture a max of 45 troops at this event.

6. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors held three events this week. They held a U-Lead event with a max of 32. Soon after, they held a Harry Potter-themed AUSIA event where they maxed 34. Finally, the Warriors maxed 31 at another Harry Potter-themed event.

7. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings held a total of 3 events this week. They started off with a Monkey themed event on Monday in which they reached a total of 33 troops. On Wednesday, the Vikings engaged in a practice battle against the Doritos in which they hit a max of 26. To finish off their week, the Water Vikings held a UK training event on Saturday with a peak of 31 vikings.

8. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas started the week off with an EU/US training and Find Four competition, maxing 28. The Ninjas bounced back two days later with a victorious 3-0 practice battle against the Crimson Guardians, where they maxed 22. The following day, a staff U-Lead event reached sizes up to 20. On Friday, WN reached a high of 22 in a battle against the Fire Ninjas. To conclude the week, the Ninjas hosted a US training event where they maxed 21.

9. Red RavagersThe Red Ravagers had a packed week! They first maxed 16 at their invasion of Avalancha, which was successful. The next day, they maxed 13 at an AUSIA Card-Jitsu tournament and 14 at a branch battle. The Ravagers had a dance contest on Tuesday maxing 10. The next day saw a costumed AUSIA event with a max of 11, a Bailey-themed AUSIA with a max of 10, and a US event with a max of 10. Then, on Friday, they maxed 11 at an AUSIA musical. Finally, on Saturday, they hit a max of 7 Ravagers at an AUSIA Great Gathering.

10. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a busy week this week hosting a total of 8 events. They kicked off with a find four tournament seeing the size of 15 before driving around the island in a car-themed event with a max of 19. Their next event, an AUSIA sled racing tournament, saw a size of 8 and this was closely followed by a ‘Friendsgiving’ u-lead event with a size of 14. They then held a training for the upcoming Christmas Chaos tournament seeing up to 16 online, later hosting a find four tournament that maxed 10. Their final two events were tournament-related, the first being the opening events of the ‘Aces of AUSIA’ with a size of 8 and the next being the first battle of the Christmas Chaos where they pulled off the size of 17.



Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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Top Ten Committee

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