McBruh Welcomed to Pizza Federation Leadership

ABOMINABLE, Pizza Federations’ Empire – After the Pizza Federation overcame the first round of Christmas Chaos against the Special Weapons and Tactics, the army promoted McBruh, a loyal member of the Higher Command, to join the leadership. What changes will McBruh bring to the leadership?

On November 28th, the Pizza Federation valiantly fought against the Special Weapons and Tactics in round one of the Christmas Chaos tournament and shockingly won with a score of 2-0-1. Afterward, leader Light posted in announcements a message both celebrating their victory against the odds, as well as Higher Command McBruh‘s promotion.

Light announcing McBruh’s promotion, clarifying advisor Dino’s earlier announcement, click to enlarge

McBruh was a part of the higher command in the Pizza Federation, joining in January of 2020. Throughout his career there, he demonstrated his unwavering loyalty to the pizza army, eventually moving up the ranks and later joining the staff. In the absence of Light, McBruh led the tournament battle, maxing as high as 25, one of the highest sizes the army has seen. His leadership, as well as his speed that secured the win, were both considered when he received both Federation Honorable Mention, a second-tier legend, as well as Caesar, the army’s equivalent to a leader.

Pizza Federation versus the Special Weapons and Tactics, winning the match 2-0-1

Though he has been inducted apart of the leadership, McBruh has yet to state his intentions. To learn more about his plans regarding the army, CP Army Hub contacted McBruh for an exclusive interview.

Congratulations on receiving Caesar, were you anticipating a promotion, or was it unexpected?

Well the moment just suddenly happened. I didn’t expect to receive the promotion in that instant. I knew I was capable of becoming leader at any point in the future I just didn’t think I’d receive it that soon. Just seeing the words “McBruh is now a Caesar” kind of shocked me. At first I even thought it was a joke but after I had actually gotten the promotion I was quite literally speechless.

As a leader, what plans do you have for the Pizza Federation moving forward?

Well first and foremost I wanna help PZF achieve the major army status. I say we have what it takes to be in the big leagues with an improvement in recruiting we are capable of doing it. I also would like to improve on the gaming aspect of our community and make it stand out more, make it appealing to the rest of the community.

Again, congratulations. Do you have any final comments/remarks?

IN CRUST WE TRUST! Light stinks

The Pizza Federation expresses their excitement with McBruh at the helm of the army. As Flash’s shutdown ticks away, and the Christmas Chaos X tournament is ongoing, perhaps only time will tell what the Pizza Federation brings to the community.

What do YOU think? Will McBruh’s promotion benefit the army and see them endure an upcoming “golden age”? How much further can the Federation progress in the tournament? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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