December 2020 @ CP Army Hub

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Administration Office – With Christmas just around the corner, we are extremely proud to unveil our exciting upcoming plans for the community.

Christmas Chaos X

The Christmas Chaos has returned for its Tenth Anniversary. Traditionally held in December, the Christmas Chaos will see the biggest armies clash in an attempt to emerge as victors. With the first round now done and dusted, we look forward to the second round this coming weekend. Victory is a major feat and a defining moment in the history of any army. Who will triumph this year?

Christmas Candy Cane Hunt

Never one to shy away from fun and games, CP Army Hub will be hosting a Candy Cane website and Discord hunt. A total of 12 Candy Canes with random numbers on them will be carefully hidden across the website, with three people to give the correct numbers receiving prizes. Who will be one of the few able to secure all 12 candy cane’s and receive a special prize?

Oagalthorp World Records: 2020 Edition

Editor-in-Chief Sophie will be heading a fun project inspired by the ‘Guinness World Records’. Named after the founding father of CP Armies himself, the Oagalthorp World Records will include a detailed and fun list of achievements and records that have been broken in 2020. This will include everything from the longest leadership served, to the shortest war, most retirements, and most revivals!


Top Ten Posts of 2020

It’s been a fantastic year for the media side of the Army Hub, and we intend to celebrate the hard work of our reporters with a dedicated Top Ten Posts of 2020 listing. Based on community impact, content quality, and website views, this listing will aim to acknowledge and honour the biggest media moments from the past twelve months.

Top Ten Armies of 2020

The Top Ten Armies of 2020 rankings is a list compiled from every single Top Ten in the year of 2020 that details who was able to hold dominance throughout the entire year. We’re going to let the statistics do the talking!

Person of the Year

The Person of the Year awards, inspired by Time Magazine, commemorates the most significant figure to defining that year: be it the best leader, the most loyal legend, or the greatest villain. Previous recipients of the award include Elmikey, Waterkid100, and Flipmoo, making it one of the greatest CP warfare achievements. The listing will include a Top Ten ranking of names, with the Person of the Year at the top. But who will be chosen as the 2020 recipient?

Legend Inductions

The Legends Inductions for 2020 are one of the highlights of our programme to celebrate the incredible year that we have had. This process aims to name the most influential and revolutionary individuals in our community, giving them the title of ‘legend’ to join the likes of Oagalthorp and Iceyfeet1234. This is a two-stage process, with the community getting the chance to vote on a pre-selected list of nominees, which will contribute heavily and be added to the votes submitted by the legends committee. This committee will consist almost solely of already nominated legends and CPAH/Wiki administrators, who all appreciate and understand what it takes to be given this prestigious title. These votes are expected to take place towards the end of the Christmas Chaos tournament, but who will be inducted as a legend for 2020?

CP Army Rewind 2020

Have you ever heard of a YouTube Rewind video? If you have not seen it yet, then you’re in luck! CP Army Hub will be unveiling its own version of a CPA 2020 Rewind towards the end of December. Tournaments, wars, prominent leadership changes, controversies, multilogging episodes, retirements, events, you name it! The CPA Rewind will cover it all. Multiple reporters, advisors, and administrators have already begun working on what’s projected to be the biggest report CP Army Hub has ever produced.

End of Year Gala

We plan to end this exciting year as we mean to go on: together! The Army Hub will be hosting a fun-filled End of Year Gala on both CP Armies and the Discord server. The event will feature fun and games as we wave goodbye to 2020 and the flash warfare that we have grown to know over the past 14 years.

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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