Golden Troops Leader TheMightyA Announces Retirement

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Just over two months since his return to the community following a hiatus, TheMightyA has announced his retirement from the Golden Troops leadership. What led to this decision?

TheMightyA began his journey in the army community with the Doritos in January of 2020 and was able to rank up to a Third in Command position. He stuck around with them for a few months before ultimately leaving to revive the Golden Troops with Aggiepie and Rach. Coining himself as one of the founding eight members of this new stage of the Golden Troops, there were many successes from this generation. Some of these feats include several appearances in the Small/Medium Top Ten and a successful war against the One Direction Army.

Successful war against the One Direction Army

However, all things must come to an end. On November 30th, TheMightyA officially announced his retirement from the Golden Troops leadership and the community altogether in a post on the Golden Troops website found here.

The same day of this announcement, the Golden Troops held a retirement event to bid farewell to their beloved leader, TheMightyA. In this event, the Golden Troops were able to achieve a stunning max of 23 troops in attendance.

TheMightyA’s Retirement Event with the Golden Troops

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to TheMightyA for an interview regarding his thoughts on his retirement.

Why did you decide to retire from the community?

I mostly retired cause of lots of school work, and cause i’ve been afk a lot, and I couldn’t be as active as I used to be, if I couldn’t be active enough to be a full leader I didn’t see a point in continuing to lead

What has been your favorite memory whilst leading the Golden Troops?

Man there’s so many it’s hard to count, like when we first opened in april, when we destroyed ODA with 20+ sizes in our first war (sorry hannah), when we got army of the week, when we hit the major top ten, to even now when we broke our record with a max of 23, I’m really gonna miss this army lol

How do you think the remaining leaders will fare following your departure?

I told them a while back that I was planning on retiring, honestly the reactions was mixed with like shock and sadness and anger, it was crazy, but they understood cause they knew that I couldn’t really be as active anymore as I was in the past (aka they spam TheMightyAFK 24/7)

Do you plan on returning to the community?

I mean i doubt i will but who knows stuff changes without us realizing it, maybe i could come back in the summer maybe not idk just planning on enjoying retirement rn lol

After experiencing many fun moments and feats within the army, TheMightyA retired from the Golden Troops due to school work and inactivity. Although Mighty has decided to step away from leadership, he believes that the remaining leaders left behind will do just fine in his absence. Following the loss of their beloved leader, how will the Golden Troops fare? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think? How will the Golden Troops fare following Mighty’s absence? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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