The Top Five Moments From November 2020

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As November draws to a close, we take a look back at the Top 5 Moments from the past month. But what was crowned number one?

The CP Army Hub staff team recently held a meeting to discuss what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from November 2020. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal. So without further ado, we present the November 2020 listing.

5. Help Force Host Community ‘Pina Colada Olympics’

Written by: Kally

In early November, the army community was invited to participate in the “Pina Colada Olympics”, organised by members of the Help Force. The Olympics’ aimed to unite the community and have fun in an army-free space, accepting all teams, no matter what their affiliations may be. From gAyCP to Ice Baddies to hOnk, almost every major army of the community was represented in some way. Barnito, Elp, Janez and Sharky, the four members of the committee, all emphasised that this is not a part of the Help Force activity. Pina Colada’s only aim is for the community to have fun before the impending death of Flash. The tournament was organised into seven brackets, including OG Club Penguin games such as Dance Contest, Mancala, Card Jitsu and even Hide and Seek. The announced rewards for the winning team are extremely generous, with the winners taking home Nitro, 500k bot money in their armies, 50k coins on HFIsland, bragging rights and much more! After three amazing weeks filled with hundreds of battles, the Olympics were scheduled to end on November 30th.

4. Special Weapons and Tactics Multilog In Black Seas War

Written by: Myth

Amidst the conflict between the Water Vikings and the Black Ice Alliance, the war terms were broken by another army – the Special Weapons and Tactics. During the two invasions of Jackhammer and Shiver, it was discovered SWAT leader Kailee multilogged the accounts Destiny770 and Oliviaaa for the Dark Warriors. The multilogging at these two invasions broke the Water Vikings-SWAT treaty, which within states “SWAT cannot invade or assist in invading Water Vikings or any of their brother allies…”. Due to the breaking of the Army Hub’s common terms and the WV-SWAT treaty, the servers Jackhammer and Shiver were returned to the Water Vikings, and the Water Vikings-Dark Warriors war was deemed invalid.

3. Help Force Staff Crisis and Leadership ‘Exposure’

Written by: Max

In the past week, several former staff members of the Help Force came forth with a blog post titled “The Truth About Help Force Staff.” In this lengthy post containing four staff member’s confessions, the creators of the website proceeded to expose various internal tensions between the leadership and staff.

The blog authors stated that they did not wish to coup any of the leaders or staff, only to present the truth of what happens behind the scenes. Help Force leader Barnito responded to his former staff with the following: “Help Force has other matters to attend than wasting efforts on a petty tantrum made by people who didn’t want to follow rules. Some screenshots don’t even support their thesis. They should dm the person they’ve attacked the most in their post and make paces with them, because they barely talked about the army.” The shock ‘expose’ doesn’t appear to have caused any lasting damage to the Help Force, and the army is now focused on performing well in the Christmas Chaos X and Aces of AUSIA tournaments.

2. Doritos Return; 32op Confesses To Multilogging

Written by: Caramel

Nearly two months after their most recent shutdown in September, the Doritos made their comeback on November 8th. On this day, the Doritos logged on for their revival event with a shocking max of 57, immediately showcasing the start of a powerful generation. Later the same day, the Doritos leadership witnessed the addition of former Army of the Orient Seas leader Intrinsic. Ever since their revival, the Doritos have been extremely successful, placing 5th on the major Top Ten list three times in a row and reaching a major army status.

However, less than two weeks after their revival, the Doritos were faced with a shocking discovery. After running a routine multilogging check, main leader 32op was found to have the same IP login as five other accounts. Further investigation displayed that the multilog accounts were present for 5 events total on November 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, and 18th. For more evidence, the Doritos event on November 18th was closely watched by Executive Producer Max, indicating that the accounts in question were online together in the same rooms on that day. To add on, searches on Discord revealed that 32op had submitted requests for the activations of all five accounts while none had been mentioned a single time within the Doritos Discord. After confronted with evidence, 32op admitted to multilogging, thus accounting for his actions and allowing the Doritos to continue to participate in the upcoming Christmas Chaos X tournament.

1. The Black Seas War: Black Ice Alliance Invade Water Vikings

Written by: Reeeee

On November 5th, the Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Water Vikings, citing reasons of disrespect to their staff and the Black Ice Alliance. The Black Seas War officially began with the Dark Warriors losing their invasion of Jackhammer in a 2-1-0 score, and the Ice Warriors scheduling an invasion on the Vikings land. The Rebels successfully invaded Cream Soda with a 3-0 victory the following day. On November 7th, the Army of the Orient Seas tried to transfer Parka to the Vikings, thus breaking the Rebel’s war terms. The Ice Warriors intervene and schedule an invasion on the said land. The Ice Warriors were able to successfully invade Parka and force treaty the Army of the Orient Seas. In the following days, the Black Ice Alliance dominates and successfully invades the Vikings land.

The Army Hub administration released a special report on November 11th where SWAT leader Kailee was found multilogging during the Dark Warrior’s battles. This led to the war between the Warriors and Vikings to be invalid with both sides breaking the war terms. The Water Vikings officially left the league on November 12th and the Black Seas War concluded. The Black Ice Alliance declares victory over the Vikings and the Vikings deny this. With this disagreement still rife, could conflict between these armies ever arise again?

Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt the month of November has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into the final month of the year, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR Top Five Moments in the comment section below!

The CP Army Hub Staff Team

Words by: Kally, Myth, Caramel, Reeeeee, Max


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