Volcano Erupts as Island Invaders Declare War on Fire Warriors

JACKHAMMER, Island Invaders Empire Over the course of a few hours, the Island Invaders declared war on the Fire Warriors. What led up to the declaration of war and what will be the outcome?

Earlier this evening, the Island Invaders announced the invasion of Mittens, the Fire Warriors’ capital, after declaring war on them. In the post titled “Actions have Consequences” (strong viewer discretion is advised), the Island Invaders announced their war terms and the reasons leading up to this decision. The Islanders’ reasons ranged from disrespectful tactics led during events to condoning inappropriate behavior. The focal point of these accusations is the current Fire Warriors leader, Ivy_. Legoman, commander of the Island Invaders, stated that Ivy disregarded racist actions, threatened to leak IP addresses, disrespected allied armies and fellow higher staff, troopstole from other armies, and leaked army leader channels.

Following this surprising declaration, the Fire Warriors released their own post (strong viewer discretion is advised) about two hours later. Former leader Cobra stated that their main reasons were due to Legoman’s bruised ego. Cobra further explained how Legoman’s conflict with Ivy put blame on the former SkateboardersCobra acknowledged the accusations against Ivy_ and stated it was due to her young age. Cobra concluded the post by stating that this should be a learning lesson to both armies rather than an attack and agreed to the war terms set by the Islanders.

The Islanders’ war terms.

CP Army Hub approached both parties for statements on the war declaration. The Army Hub team approached Legoman, who gave the following statement:

Island Invaders would beat Fire Warriors 10 out of 10 times in a push up competition. Strong biceps all around, I also believe that this army houses the most muscular and attractive community in all of CPA. Make sure to eat your green vegetables FW, we’re bringing the heat. Also once again a huge shoutout to local hottie Firestar08. In closing, you may be the Fire Warriors, but we’re the hot ones.

On the opposing side, Ivy_ gave the following words on the war declaration:

We won’t engage in their drama tbh. They look ridiculous accusing a child of doxing, and getting angry at me for reclaiming a slur that’s been used against me for liking women. We know who our real friends and troops are, and we’re sure that we can trust them not to fall victim to lego’s manipulation. But just for funsies, we’ve got something planned for their one battle war ❤️

At the end of it all, the battle came and went. Though the build-up to the war and battle was immense, the Battle for Mittens lasted just ten minutes due to the Fire Warriors not being in attendance. As a result, the Island Invaders gained control of Mittens.

Results of the Battle of Mittens

Though the war seemed finished after this battle, it was not yet completely done. Less than an hour after the results of the battle of Mittens were released, Island Invaders leader Legoman released a treaty on the Fire Warriors, which he titled the “Treaty of the Sunburnt Warriors,” found below:


The Treaty of the Sunburnt Warriors

Due to the successful invasion of the Fire Warriors Capital, Mittens, they are now subject to a force treaty. As part of this treaty the Fire Warriors or their colonizers/colonies or future colonizers/colonies cannot invade or assist in any invasions or defenses against the Island Invaders or their allies (Golden Troops, Fighter Pilots, Most Wanted, Black Jackets, Mangoes and SWAT) or any future allies. If any invasion takes place with members from the Fire Warriors the invasion will immediately be deemed invalid. Furthermore, Fire Warriors cannot assist in defending any army that the Island Invaders invade in the future. If either army merges or rebrands this treaty will still effect said army. This treaty expires on February 10th, 2021.

The terms of this treaty are negotiable if Otter attends the next Island Invader’s event wearing the Rooster Costume item (!ai 4419) while routinely chanting “ISLAND INVADERS ARE BETTER THAN FIRE WARRIORS”.

The treaty, though it displays the terms as negotiable, was responded to through the Fire Warriors opting out of the CP Army Hub league.

With these statements and allegations in mind, it is doubtful that the effects of the war are completely eradicated. The results of the battle declared the Island Invaders victorious, but what comes next for both armies? What plans do they have?

What do YOU think of the outcome of the war? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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