Royal Warriors Close After Kingdom Collapse

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royal Warriors Empire – An army that returned to its throne hardly a month ago has once again returned to the shadows. On December 1st, the Royal Warriors announced that they will be shutting down as an army. What was the reason behind their closure?

The Royal Warriors were founded in March by StampPin, Nacho, and Kiwi. The army started out small, maxing between 5 to 7 troops. With time and effort, the army grew to max 15 to 20 before the unfortunate end of their reign. Following some internal drama, the army shut down in June. After the dark months of inactivity, the army returned in November 16th, under StampPin’s helm.

Royal Warriors maxing 20 at their event.

On December 1st, an announcement was made by current leader, StampPin. The announcement disclosed his plans to shut down the army and turn it into a CPPS server. This new CPPS server would explore all possible private servers once Adobe Flash dies on December 31st. 

Recent Royal Warriors event.

The CP Army Hub team decided to interview StampPin regarding his decision to shut down the Royal Warriors and learn more about their upcoming plans. 

What was the decision to shut down Royal Warriors?

In our last moments of RW … RW was a successful army, we want to continue with our work but … we don’t have enough staff to continue with the army. Not so much for that but because CPPS will stop working by browser for a long time, now it will be a desktop application, and many have a “paperboard” computer. This server will be Team CPPS we will explore all possible CPPS.

Do you foresee a return of the army in the future?

If I will return soon when CPPS returns to Google.

What are the plans moving forward?

Get a staff that’s active enough in an army.

Following the closure of the army, a new server dedicated to the CPPS has been created, currently being operated by StampPin. How will this new server fare? Will the Royal Warriors ever return?

What do YOU think? Was the decision to shutdown the army reasonable? Let us know in the comments section below! 


CP Army Hub Reporter


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