The Next Chapter: HTML5 Private Servers We Can Use

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The inevitable approaches as we head into December. As Flash looks to end our access to temporarily, what is the next move for armies?

December 31st–the dreaded doomsday. On that day, Flash will be discontinued, and as many people are aware, the implication of this is the closure of many private Club Penguin private servers that rely on Flash. Among them is, unfortunately, our very own, which is currently utilized by all armies in some way, shape, or form.

However, this is certainly not the end of the community. Just as we have done since the closure of the original Club Penguin, we will continue to innovate and improvise new methods of continuing the legacy of armies. Many people may be aware of HTML5, a type of Hypertext Markup Language used for coding web pages. HTML5 looks to be a promising solution to the death of Flash, as it can design webpages without requiring additional software such as browser plugins.

Currently, it is also one of the best options, especially as armies look to avoid desktop clients that may leave computers more vulnerable and also scare off troops who are wary of downloading the game. Luckily, there are currently several CPPSes looking to expand into HTML5. Even better–some of them are readily available right now.

Club Penguin Chapter 2

Club Penguin Chapter 2 is an HTML5 Club Penguin private server which CP Army Hub looks to rely on heavily near the future. We contacted their administrator, Ep8Script, who heads this project, and received a thorough explanation of their plans.

Hi!! That’s right, my game has been HTML5 from the start – that’s our overall goal, to be there when Flash is gone! Our plans for the future is really just to continue building up the island so that its all ready for players to waddle around and keep creating the minigames! We’re also getting ready to be able to throw some parties as soon as we can! In terms of army features, we’ve been working closely with the CPA team to get all the commands up and running for the armies to use (and all the current armies will be available to join) – the armies will have a specific server catered specially so they can have their battles. This server will most likely have custom rooms as well! I’ll be working with the CPA:TG ( team to convert custom rooms.

Not only is Club Penguin Chapter 2 an already fully functioning HTML5 CPPS, but it is also open to armies and will implement commands in the future, similar to the CP Armies that we know and love. This type of accommodation makes CPC2 one of the prime contenders for CPPSes that armies can use following the death of Flash.

An example of army tags being implemented in Club Penguin Chapter 2


Another promising CPPS is another one of CP Army Hub’s partners, SubZero. Although the HTML5 game won’t be available till spring, there’s potential in armies’ use of it by then. CP Army Hub reached out to administrator Rye Bread/Mother Rye for a statement on their plans.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! It’s absolutely true, our developers are working on HTML5 as we speak. Without revealing too much, we’re hoping to be a completely custom CPPS, with new rooms, minigames, and lore. We also intend to be quite community driven, so community suggestions and ideas will be considered for implementation. We don’t currently have an official release date, but it will be unlikely to be any earlier than Spring 2021. For now, we try to keep our community as updated as possible on the game and community nights, information for these events can be found on our Discord server and social pages.

New Club Penguin

New Club Penguin was a much-hyped for CPPS a couple of months ago. Since then, the game has built up a steady following of players, and they’re also looking to implement HTML5 following the death of Flash. We reached out to administrator Jonas for a statement, to which he provided this:

We don’t really wanna give any information about our HTML5 but we are working on it.

Club Penguin Rewritten

Club Penguin Rewritten first began implementing HTML5 in a beta test back in the summer. Since then, they have made numerous updates and improvements to their client. In a blog post from July, administrator Stu detailed the following:

The future is HTML5 to keep the game actually running as intended and this basically allows it to. Flash will be discontinued at the end of December 2020, HTML5 will keep running for a very long time and is just a much nicer upgrade for us, it will allow us to do some really cool things for things such as parties. We can’t say exactly what those things are at the moment, but we do plan to use some of them.

Since then, CP Rewritten has added bug fixes, classic minigames, igloos, catalogs, rooms, stamp books, and is looking to continue developing the game. Of course, CP Rewritten is also famous for being very stern with armies, restricting them to 1-bar servers according to their rules. However, it is most certainly a technologically advanced option to consider as Flash looks to lay in its grave.

The HTML5 version of CP Rewritten

At the end of the day, rest assured that this community isn’t going anywhere. No matter the obstacles, armies have always managed to find a way to keep going. There are a plethora of options to look forward to even as we bid goodbye to Flash. The question is, which one will your army be using?

What do YOU think? Which HTML5 private server is most to your liking? Be sure to tell us YOUR thoughts in the comments!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief

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