The Next Leader: Kehato of the Pizza Federation

ALASKA, Pizza Parlor – Welcome to this edition of “The Next Leader,” written by Reporter Kally. In this column, we get to know the future leaders of our community. This column intends to find out what we can expect from them when they eventually rise to leadership. Today, we acquaint ourselves with Kehato from the Pizza Federation. What are her thoughts on leadership? Exactly who is this future leader?

For this week’s edition of The Next Leader, we waddle to the eastern side of the Club Penguin map. In the Pizza Parlor, we meet Kehato, a current Senator of the Pizza Federation!

Kehato found her way to the Pizza Federation on April 17th. A day after joining, with no clue about armies, she briefly joined the server for the Army of Club Penguin. After finding out that she was already enlisted in the Pizza army, Kehato quickly waddled back to her chef crew.

In the Pizza Federation, Kehato rapidly started climbing ranks and gained fame for being an exceptionally kind and understanding person. Shy of exactly three months later, Kehato earned the promotion to moderator rank on July 15th. During the summer awards, hosted by the Pizza Federation, she was also honored as the “Most Wholesome” troop of the army.

On October 6th, Kehato joined the ranks of the Higher Command as a Senator. With her contribution, the Pizza Federation has bloomed, even winning the coveted Fright or Fight trophy. She is truly the heart of the Pizza Federation and often shares her exceptional singing talent on the voice chats.

R3tro announcing Kehato’s promotion to Higher Command, click to enlarge

With some yummy seaweed and squid pizza in the parlor, CP Army Hub Staff had the chance to interview Kehato. What are her thoughts on leadership? What makes Kehato tick?

You’re higher command in PZF and already super close to leading! What are your favorite aspects of leading? Is there anything you like to prioritize?

My favorite part of leading is getting to know the community better. In PZF we really prioritize everyone feeling safe and welcomed in our community. We never want to have someone leave because they felt like they weren’t included. I also love to be a kind of role model to the newer troops and I love to interact with them! The battles are of course another very important part of being a leader. Coming up with witty and smart tactics for battling with other armies is so fun, and the adrenaline from a too close to call battle is amazing! I’m really excited for the upcoming Christmas Chaos battle that we have with the Ice Warriors!

That sounds awesome! Why would you make a great leader for PZF?

I would make a great leader for PZF because I feel like I can lead the army with everyone’s thoughts in mind. I care deeply for PZF since it’s been my first and only army, and I’ll dedicate myself to this army for a long time. I’m very active in chat and I’m open minded to new solutions and ideas for the army. I just want to see us chefs succeed!

On that note, is there anything you would want to achieve before you retire? A tournament win or legend status perhaps?

Well, I would like PZF to achieve a 5 tournament win streak! I truly believe that we can achieve this through more recruiting and tutoring the newer recruits on how to battle! I would also like to achieve at least 2ic in my army, that would be a dream! Legend status would be amazing as well, I’d be so honored. I also would like to achieve making PZF an even bigger army than it is right now. For now, growing PZF is my main priority.

I’m sure you’ll get there! What in your army past has influenced you the most? Do you think it has changed your view on armies?

The thing that has influenced me the most probably would be Light gaining a leadership role. I’ve never told him this, but he’s one of my role models in the army community. He entered the army after me and has done way more than I have, and I really admire that. He motivates me to try harder! I really think it’s changed my view on armies, because before I had thought that the people who were there the longest in an army were the most experienced and would be better leaders. That, of course, is obviously not true. Anyone can lead with enough drive and passion.

Agreed! If you could only use one emote for the rest of your career, which one would it be and why? EZ and EJ aren’t an option!

Dang, that’s difficult… I think I would use EH. EH can be sassy and and sweet, it’s exactly my style.~

Kehato wishes for PZF to become even bigger and aims for everyone to feel accepted and safe within the army. She is eager to do more, also hoping to see a 5 tournament win streak in the future. When will Kehato join the leadership of the pizzaiolos?

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Kehato’s opinion on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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