Blended Fruit: Templars Declare War on Mango Corps

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, TEMPLARS’ EMPIRE – Despite a period of isolationism, the Templars’ announced their latest crusade against the Mango Corps. What are their reasons to declare war, and how do the Mangoes plan to respond?

Since their formation of a grand Small-Medium alliance, the community hasn’t heard much news from the Templars until today. On December 5th, however, Templars’ creator and emperor Xing announced on the website a declaration of war against the Mangoes. In the post which can be found here (read at your own discretion as there is a strong use of profanity), Xing expresses his hatred for the army’s relationship with the Special Weapons and Tactics, especially towards leader and creator Ganger90, saying he “is annoying as ****”.

The declaration of war is shown here, as well as terms. For viewers’ safety, the CP Army Hub has censored any profanity. Click to enlarge.

The Templars and Mangoes have not shown any hostility publically, but the knights have seen to collide against the Special Weapons and Tactics over a difference in ideas. Previously, the Island Invaders, an ally to the Special Weapons and Tactics, included proof of Templars’ slandering Ganger90 through tactics in their declaration of war against the Skaters.

A picture of the Templars saying inappropriate tactics directed towards Ganger90, which ended with the army being kicked.

The declaration of war left many in confusion as the Templars’ emperor remained vague with his casus belli. To understand his intentions greater, CP Army Hub contacted Xing for a statement, which can be seen below:

I wanted to declare war on Mangoes because I felt like it. I hope to put down a swat proxy army and diminish SWAT’s influence before flash shuts down. We have a few future conflicts. I’ve discussed some with other army leaders who I won’t be mentioning. I’ll be winning this war by simply getting the pleb faction in the Empire to rise up and take the fight to the Mangoes-SWAT Proxy State.

When asked if the war would lead to a future conflict against the Special Weapons and Tactics, Xing stated the following:

When it comes it comes. If we end up winning or losing, I won’t care. This community knows who I am. A person who does not care about anything or anyone except His own army. Nonetheless, no one ever has been able to vanquish Templars except me alone. Therefore, I am not worried if we go to war with SWAT and win or lose. It’s as simple as that.

Panini, leader of the Mangoes, also provided the army hub with a statement regarding the Mangoes’ opinion on the war:

Xing couldn’t have our assistance in his defensive pact, so he assisted himself to our land…. sad! Also he’s a simp for Kaliee

Despite their removal from the league, the Templars and Mangoes plan to have their battle through the CP Army Warfare League. In terms of warfare, the Mangoes remain green as their only skirmish was when the Recon Federation attempted to invade them once. On the other hand, the Templars have battled against the Recon Federation, Lime Green Army, the Army of Club Penguin, and more. But while the Templars maintain a presence on the small-medium Top Ten, the Mangoes have shown their ability to pull incredible sizes and are led by Panini, Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kailee, and army legend Silverburg. With such strong leadership, it’s hard to tell who will emerge victoriously.

What do YOU think? Will the Templars successfully invade the servers of the Mangoes and crown themselves as the victors? Or will the Mangoes turn the tides of the war and end their holy war? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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