Honda Drives Back Into Red Ravager Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravager’s Empire – Honda, co-creator of the Red Ravagers, has announced his return to their leadership. What are his plans for the army?

Honda started his army career in the Rebel Penguin Federation in February 2020. He later joined the Dark Bandits, where he ranked up to Fourth in Command. Following the Dark Bandit’s closure, Honda formed the Red Ravagers along with Maxine in May 2020. They mainly consisted of Bandits at first, but grew at a rapid pace, becoming one of the strongest Small/Medium armies. After an incredible run in the Ravagers leadership, Honda transferred to SWAT as a Leader in Training in September, leaving the army in the capable hands of Bri and Maxine. In November, he moved to the Dark Warriors as a Third in Command, where he remained for around a month before retiring from armies completely.

Throughout his time leading the Red Ravagers, Honda held a consistent place on the major Top Ten for over two months, peaking at a size of 28 troops just yesterday and maintaining 10+ maxes overall. They also did well in tournaments, such as reaching the finals of the SubZero Showdown tournament. As his co-creator Maxine retires from the leadership, Honda will be returning in her absence.

Honda’s first event back as leader, also his co-creator Maxine’s retirement event where they maxed 28

CP Army Hub managed to reach out to Honda for an interview regarding his return.

What made you decide to return to Red Ravagers Leadership?

With winter break coming up and flash coming to an end, I decided it was time for me to bring RR through the Flash era into the HTML5 era that there is to come. Obviously there will always be a few things to do since I originally left seeing as some things have changed but I will hopefully continue pull the Top Ten positions that we used to when I led.

What sort of plans do you have for RR after flash ends?

As of right now we will most likely resort to any HTML5 cpps that welcomes armies and probably start to introduce different part of RR where we can have say Roblox or Minecraft divisions similar to what our wonderful allies RPF do

What are you most looking forward to for your return to leadership?

What I’m looking most forward to is returning to leading alongside the people who aided me while I originally built up RR to become the best Small Medium army of the past 6 months, it’ll be great to get back to leading with Bri as she was one of if not the biggest help I had while leading first time around so I’m glad to rejoin leadership alongside her.

Would you like to add anything else about your return to leadership?

I would like to give a thank you to Maxine and Bri for keeping the place going while I was dabbling in other armies, two people who should get the credit they deserve. Although I may not manage to pull the numbers I used to I’m going to try my hardest to continue to beat out these armies we have in the past. Thank you for the wonderful interview Kris, enjoy your day everyone.

Honda is confident in his ability to help the Ravagers through the difficult transition from Flash to HTML5, a common predicament that all armies currently face. He also displays a huge amount of gratitude to Maxine and Bri and looks forward to rejoining the leadership to continue their efforts. Will he be able to reach the extraordinary heights he led them to previously? 

What do YOU think? How will his return impact the Ravagers? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter



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