Maxine Retires from the Red Ravagers’ Leadership

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Empire – The Red Ravagers’ creator and one of their oldest Leaders, Maxine, has announced her retirement from the Red Ravagers leadership. Why did this sudden retirement occur? 

Maxine created the Red Ravagers army in May along with Honda following the closure of the Dark Bandits. She supported and led the army from their opening until December 2020, through the Beach Brawl and Fright or Fright tournaments, as well as frequent battles with other armies. Under Maxine’s leadership, the Red Ravagers quickly developed into a stable Small/Medium army in CP Army Hub, consistently placing in the major Top Ten.

The Red Ravagers’ Battle against the Lime Green Army

However, she officially retired from the Red Ravagers on December 6, citing an increasingly busy schedule due to school and real-life responsibilities. Nevertheless, her retirement announcement featured heartfelt thank-you’s to all of her troops, High Command, her co-leader Bri, and her co-creator, Honda.

Maxine’s retirement announcement, click to enlarge

On December 5th, the Red Ravagers gave Maxine a memorable goodbye with a long-overdue wedding between her and Neha. Despite the bittersweet connotations, the Ravagers showed their love one last time and even reached a record max of 28 troops.

Maxine’s last event with the Red Ravagers

CP Army Hub was able to interview Maxine on her decision to retire.

Why did you decide to retire from the Red Ravagers leadership?

School and other real life activities have taken up a lot of my time and i feel like i just can’t give armies 100% and Red Ravagers deserves nothing less than 100%.

What has been your favorite memory while leading Red Ravagers?

Wow I have SO many memories I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I guess I loved when we came up with spicy Italian bread water and when we met balto. I just loved the entire creation and experience of Red Ravagers, there’s no way i could ever pick a favorite moment because there’s just too many.

What is one achievement you would like Red Ravagers to achieve in the near future?

Major army status for sure, or to hit at least top 5 on major top ten.

Do you plan on returning to the Red Ravagers leadership someday?

Yes, I plan on coming back around late July when school is off for me. If I can get my real life priorities straight before that, then I might come back earlier. :eyes_zoom:

After many fun events and consistent weeks on the top ten, this retirement is surely a surprise for the Red Ravagers. However, their current leader Bri and newly returned co-creator Honda are expected to steady the Ravagers and maintain their consistency in the league. How will they come back from this retirement?

What do YOU think? Will the Red Ravagers be able to navigate through this retirement, or will they crumble after their leader is gone? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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