Liam Dons Black Jacket Leadership Position

JACKHAMMER, Black Jackets’ Capital – After successfully invading the server Jackhammer from the Island Invaders and hitting 1000 members in their discord server, the Black Jackets recently welcomed Liam to their leadership. Liam is all set to lead the army alongside CP Army Legend and Black Jackets leader Koloway. Exactly what led up to his promotion, and how will he help the army grow?

Liam joined the army community on June 10th, 2019. He was one of the first to join the Recon Federation. From there he moved on to join the Pretzels, where he climbed up the ranks and reached Third In Command. However, he soon returned to the Recon Federation for a Fourth In Command rank, before leaving the army community indefinitely.

Liam resumed his career in armies when he and CP Army Legend Koloway revived the Black Jackets on November 20th. Since then, he has shown great dedication to the army, getting as many as 300 recruits in a week. On December 3rd, Liam became the first recipient of “The Coff Patch”, which is the third grade of the Legend positions in the army. Koloway attributed this reward to the extreme dedication and loyalty shown by Liam towards the army.

Liam receiving The Coff Patch.

The Black Jackets managed to hit 1000 members only 16 days after their revival, with a huge contribution from Liam. Upon hitting this jaw-dropping milestone, Liam was promoted to leader for his unwavering dedication to the Black Jackets. Koloway, the current leader of the army, also mentions his faith in Liam and welcomed him to the leadership.

Liam being announced as leader, click to enlarge

It would certainly be interesting to delve into more details about the promotion of this new leader. To find out more about his promotion, the CP Army Hub team reached out to Liam for an interview.

Can you tell us more details about your journey in Jax so far?

i’ve been really close friends with koloway for quite some time now so when he told me about his plans of reviving the black jackets, he offered me the rank of 2nd in command and i happily joined him to start this army together, leaving my almost 7 month retirement behind me. we don’t have a high command asides from us so i’ve taken up a lot of work to get this army started. in just 16 days since we registered, i’ve managed to get 1000 members into our server. my job is to recruit and to interact with the new recruits and build relationships with them, keeping the chat active and moderating it, as well as encouraging people to stay enlisted and to attend events!

What was your reaction when Koloway announced your promotion? What were the first thoughts that came to your mind?

honestly i don’t even remember what was going through my brain. i was so overwhelmed with the intense rush of emotion that i couldn’t even spell “thank you” correctly. i burst into tears almost instantly though. i felt so honored and overjoyed that liam.exe just kinda stopped functioning and crashed for a bit.

What is your plan for the future of the Black Jackets?

well right now my plans are to continue recruiting so we can keep growing. one of our goals is to eventually become a major army and to rank within the top five of the top ten so our growth is incredibly important right now. in the process of doing this, i wish to make the black jackets into a stable army and to keep our troops happy. we’ve been told numerous times that the black jackets is one of the most welcoming and kindest servers our troops have been to so we wish to keep it as an inclusive and friendly place for all.

Do you think you can live up to the expectations that the Jax have from you and continue performing as well as you have been?

i hope so! i’m gonna relax a bit in the next week or so just to prevent myself from overworking and burning out but i have faith in myself to keep growing the black jackets as much as i have in the past two weeks!

It seems that Liam is all ready to take the burden of leadership on his shoulders and is confident in his ability to not only lead, but also help the Jax community grow. The Black Jackets have certainly achieved a lot within their short time in the community, and they certainly will be seen doing more great things in the army community as the end of Flash bears down upon our beloved game.

What do YOU think? Will Liam be able to achieve his goals? What is in store for the Black Jackets in the future? Let us know in the comments down below


CP Army Hub Reporter


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