Island Invaders Stumble Through A Hurricane of Leadership Changes

LUCKY, Island Invaders Empire – Just after their war with the Fire Warriors, the Island Invaders have gone through a massive leadership change. What led to these changes?

The Island Invaders were created by Moani in May 2020. The army was able to reach a place on the S/M Top Ten until it went inactive until June 29th, when the army shut down. On November 7th, Legoman and Pumpkin revived the Island Invaders. Under their leadership, they were able to reach number one on the S/M Top Ten and were successful in their recent war against the Fire Warriors.

The Island Invaders achieving number one on the weekly Top Ten.

A recent Island Invaders event

On December 5th, Legoman promoted Oli to a leadership position for the Island Invaders. Shortly after, Turnage announced his retirement from the Island Invaders. Turnage stated that Legoman and Plazimo had the army moving on a steady path and that it was time for him to retire.

Turnage announcing his retirement. Click to enlarge.

Oli promoted to Island Invader Leadership. Click to Enlarge.

Turnage first joined the Army of Club Penguin in December of 2019 until about July of 2020. From there he went on to create the Turnage Penguin Army but left the community shortly after. In late October, Turnage decided to rejoin the community and lead the Island Invaders alongside Legoman and Christmas Pumpkin.

Oli joined the army community in 2009, starting in the Special Weapons and Tactics. He rose to Third in Command and was promoted to Leader in Training later in 2012. However, he departed from the army after a period of inactivity. He returned to lead SWAT for a few months in 2014 until retiring in September of that year. After six years of retirement, Oli enlisted back into the army in April 2020. From there, he would lead the army to impressive maxes of 40+. He also created a successful Small/Medium army, the Mango Corps. He later retired from the army community in October 2020 before returning later this month.

CP Army Hub staff was unable to get a statement from Oli but able to get a statement from Turnage regarding the leadership changes.

Turnage: yeah, sorry just got doing 100 one armed push-ups. It is time for me to retire from the island invaders, and I believe that LEGOMAN and PLAZIMO are going to be good leaders for the Island Invaders. I will now focus on trying to help the Black Jackets with their upcoming events.

These leadership changes are certainly a surprise for the Islanders. With Oli as a new leader, it will be interesting to see where the Island Invaders will go from here. How will the army thrive without Turnage? Will the army maintain its number one status under the new leadership?

What do YOU think? How will these leadership changes affect the Islanders? Will Turnage’s retirement affect the army? Will Oli lead the army to greater heights? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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