Ana Soars Back Into Fighter Pilots Leadership

ALPINE, Fighter Pilots Empire – Just two months after Ana announced she will be retiring from the community, she announces today that she will be returning to Fighter Pilots Leadership. What led to this decision?

Ana joined the community in March after being recruited by the Templars. She stayed there for a few weeks, but soon left and joined the Golds in April. About a month in, she made the decision to leave Golds instead assisted in the opening of the Fighter Pilots alongside Jenn and Semi.

Semi has long retired, but under the leadership of Frostty and Jenn, the Fighter Pilots have been able to soar to new heights. Their achievements include reaching ninth on the Small/Medium Top Ten rankings, defeating the Army of Orient Seas when they attempted to invade their server Aurora, and advancing to the second round of the Beach Brawl this past summer. Throughout this process, the Pilots were able to achieve a consistent max of 15-20 troops.

The Fighter Pilots defending their server Aurora

On December 7th, Ana announced in the Fighter Pilots’ Discord server that she will be returning to the cockpit and leadership once more. In her announcement, she cited that coming back temporarily to help assist the other leaders has incited a desire for her to fully return.

Ana’s announcement of her return. Click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub Staff were able to speak with Ana and get her thoughts about her return to leadership, as well as her anticipations for the future.

What made you want to return to leadership?

I don’t know, one day I decided to randomly attend an event and it made me miss it. Then I volunteered to temporarily cover for Frostty since he was going on vacation. After that I realized a really missed the community and interacting with my army more often so that made me return to leadership!

What ultimately brought you back to leadership?

Jenn begging me to come back. Lmao jk. Nah it was honestly just being able to be around with people I care about.

What kind of anticipations do you have for Fighter Pilots going forward?

I’m anticipating to see who simps for Fusion since I heard a lot of girls in CParmies simp for him. In all seriousness I’m looking forward to see how we’re going to adapt with the changes coming with flash coming to an end very soon. And what more we may accomplish (:

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your return?

I honestly might regret coming back in like a week or so cause I feel like there’s always drama that ensues in the CP army community lolol. But in all seriousness I’m grateful to Jenn and Frostty for keeping FP alive these past months and I’m glad to be back!

With the return of Ana, the Fighter Pilots are hoping to soar to heights that they have never seen before. The sky’s the limit, and perhaps only time will tell what they’ll be able to achieve.

What do YOU think? How will Ana’s return impact the Fighter Pilots? What can we anticipate following Ana’s return? Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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