The Next Leader: Law of the Ice Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to this edition of “The Next Leader,” written by Reporter Kally. Every week, we get to know one of the future leaders of our community. Today we talk to Law, a current Leader in Training from the Ice Warriors. What are her thoughts on leadership? Who is Law and what should we expect from her?

Law joined the army community and the Ice Warriors on April 3rd. Like many others, she was lured into the army scene by the free coins offered by recruiters on Club Penguin Online. She quickly sympathized with the blue army and started attending event after event, quickly gaining friends within the army.

Barely a month later, Law earned the promotion to Staff on May 1st. During the pandemic, she spent many hours on Club Penguin Online, becoming one of the Warriors’ best recruiters. As a staff member, Law was quickly taken under Shinde’s wing, one of the former Ice Warriors’ leaders. The two created an iconic Slav duo within the Ice Warriors, countering the countless Irish leaders in the army.

By the end of May, Law was already in the Higher Command. As somewhat of a prodigy, she joined the rank of Leader-in Training on June 23rd, a record two and a half months after she joined the army. Ever since her promotion, she worked hard every single day, aiming to make the army better than the day before.

During her time as a Higher Command member, Law also briefly led the Ice Warriors colony, the Coup Crusaders (now rebranded to Crystal Cowboys). In their current colony, the Water Ninjas, Law holds a rank of Second in Command. Some of her present responsibilities include staying on top of staff numbers and seasonal events and raffles. Some even call her Iceyfeet1234’s personal secretary.

Over the nine months Law has been in armies, she has become an irreplaceable part of the Ice Warriors. As a leader for the Ice Warriors’ division Blizzard, she has already gained her first experiences leading battles as well.

Ice Warriors leader Madhav announcing Law’s promotion, click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub Staff reached out to Law for an exclusive interview. What are her thoughts on leadership? Where do her priorities as a leader lie?

If you became leader tomorrow, what event would you plan first and why?

Probably opposite from many other leaders, but the first event I would plan would be Hide and Seek on one of the games that has some new decorations. I really enjoy playing it (as everyone that knows me knows well) and it makes troops really excited. What can I say, people love Hide and Seek.

That sounds so fun!! What do you consider to be your strengths as a leader?

I think the main strength would be that I can listen to people and I would always offer help to anyone that needs it – if it’s in my power to help ofc.

Has there been anything in your past that influenced you to prioritise that?

It’s pretty much in my personality in general. I don’t want people to be sad or mad at each other in any army. I see this community as a fun way to socialise with people during this pandemic. I want our troops to always feel welcomed in Ice Warriors.

Where do you see yourself in 3 months? Do you have any army goals until then?

I would love to lead Ice Warriors at some point, but my main goal is just keeping the community together. I have made so many friends since I joined and I couldn’t stand it if I lost them all. Being a leader is not always about wars and arguing. They are fun and events are what keeps us together, but it’s the talking, the fun, the jokes that count. I plan on staying in this community for as long as possible. I would never switch to another army tho. IW is my home.

Amazing! Last one, if you could only use one emote for the rest of your career, which one would it be and why?

the wary probably, I use this a lot.

Law is certainly experienced and ready to take the leadership role upon herself. She aims to keep the community together and build even more friendships along the way. As Ice Warriors as her home, Law plans on staying as long as possible. When will the Slav join the Irish leadership of the Warriors?

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Law’s opinion on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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  1. We love you, Law!!!!


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