Elites Back in Business for Ninth Generation

AVALANCHE, Former Elites Capital – Nearly three months after the previous generation of Elites closed down, the army has announced their return to the community. What led to this decision?

The Elites were created in May of 2008 by 77 Ninja 77. The army was fairly successful, winning years of battles and reaching high placements on the Top Ten. In their first generation, following much great success, the army closed after 77 Ninja 77 and other leaders following pursuit retired. A few months later, LordCody56 brought the Elites back to life, but it was short-lived and didn’t have the success of the previous generation. In the third revival, supperz, a Small/Medium legend, brought the Elites to prominence as a major army. The fourth and fifth generations revived the army, but neither found any lasting victories. However, in the sixth generation revived by Khimo, the Elites were able to reach second on the CP Army Central Top Ten list. Unfortunately, after over a year later, the sixth generation came to an end before swiftly being revived only a week later as a seventh generation.

Most recently, there was an eighth generation made with notable figures including Simmonds2000, Mythic, and LuciferStar. This generation was able to reach maxes of 40 and a major army status. On September 13th, the army announced plans for a final event, citing the new school year’s responsibilities and dropping maxes during the month of September. Their final event was extremely successful with 63 troops in attendance.

Final event of the eighth generation


Just a few months following the closure of the eighth generation, a post released on December 10th on the Elites website announced the revival of the army led by Simmonds2000, Spotty, and Austinfraud. The post also briefly mentioned that a revival event for this new generation would be posted shortly.

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Simmonds2000 for an interview regarding the army’s return.

What made you decide to re-open Elites for a ninth generation?

With the opportunity for a winter break coming up we decided it would be a good chance to revive the Elites again. We believe that we can take advantage of many different opportunities that are currently happening and that are set to happen. In addition, we really miss the army and want to bring it to even bigger heights this time round.

You and Austinfraud are both leaders in the Dark Champions, how do you think you’ll manage being leader in two armies?

We are stepping down from the leadership role in Dark Champions. We have full trust in Overload and the next leader who is appointed alongside them. We will still make sure nothing bad happens to Dark Champions and as I’m the creator of DC, I will oversee things to an extent still.

What do you plan to accomplish within this next generation?

We plan to become a major force in the army community, but of course to have a lot of fun too which is important. Consistently being major is the goal for us and I am sure that with hard work, we can achieve this. You get out what you put into anything, so with hard work we will do well.

Anything else you would like to add?

Anything is possible if you believe that it is possible. Elites will make the impossible possible!

It seems like this new generation of Elites have many notable figures ready to revive the army and bring it back to their former glory. While no revival event has been announced yet, there is no doubt it will be soon. With a very successful eighth generation, how will the ninth one fare? What feats will they accomplish?

What do YOU think about this revival? What heights will the Elites reach in their ninth generation? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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