Legend Inductions 2020 – Nominations and Community Vote

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Administration Office – As the end of the year approaches, we are excited to begin the process to induct a new set of individuals who have earnt the title of ‘CP Army Legend’ for their impact on our community.

The title of CP Army Legend is something that many leaders and members of CP Armies have worked towards in their time here. The title recognises the most outstanding individuals, who have made the biggest impact on the wider community, from Oagalthorp and Iceyfeet1234, to Silverburg and Freezie. This could be for leading the most dominant armies, having the biggest impact on the direction of CP Armies, or outstanding work within a media or league setup. It is there to celebrate those that have done something uniquely brilliant, and we hope the process this year continues to pick those individuals.

The process for selecting this year’s newly inducted legends is similar to the process that took place in September this year, but with the addition of community votes. The legends committee has been adjusted slightly, but will still largely consist of existing and active army legends. The individuals on the committee will be revealed once the results are posted, to avoid pressure being put on these individuals. This committee formed earlier this month to select the nominees for both small/medium and major army legends – creating the nominations that you can see further down.

Below is the schedule for the legend selection process this year, including a brief explanation about how each step will work.

  • December 12th – Nominations are released, with a wide range of individuals from the year selected by the committee.
  • December 12th-19th – The community is given the chance to vote on which of these nominees deserves to be given legend. Nominees will be given ‘bonus votes’ if they receive enough community votes, which will be added to the committee votes.
  • December 20th-23rd – The committee will vote on who they think should be a legend from the nominee list – each member will say yes/no on each candidate, therefore getting one vote each.
  • December 26th-31st – The final date is to be confirmed, when the final results and the new legends are announced.

Without further adieu, below you can see the list of nominations for major legend and small/medium legend. The biographies have been put together by several board members, and we encourage you to read these carefully when submitting your votes – with the voting form at the end of the post.


Major Legend Nominations

  • Agent 11
  • Ayan
  • Change
  • Cosmo
  • Crazzy
  • CSY
  • Eden
  • Emcee
  • LuciferStar
  • Madhav 2
  • Maroon
  • Noa
  • Pjayo
  • Pookie437
  • Regan
  • Spotty
  • Tistle

Agent 11

Agent 11’s army prominence began in 2013 when he led and revived Golds. From there, he moved on to lead the Dark Warriors and Doritos, bringing both of these armies to the top of the major army rankings from 2013-2015. After a long hiatus, Agent 11 returned at the end of 2019, where he kickstarted the return of the Ice Warriors alongside Andrew24 and Ghost. After leaving shortly to lead the Pirates, Agent 11 returned to the Ice Warriors leadership in March 2020 and helped lead them into their golden era. Under Agent 11’s leadership, Ice Warriors were able to surpass 100+ at countless events, even reaching 165. After the shutdown of Club Penguin Online, Agent 11 helped transition Ice Warriors to a brand new CPPS where they continued their 100+ reign, including at the Legends Cup tournament against Rebel Penguin Federation. This battle called for two overtimes, despite Ice Warriors having 40 fewer troops. Shortly after the Legends Cup, Agent 11 retired from the community. During his run, Ice Warriors were always a top 3 major army and went undefeated in their wars.


Ayan first began his journey in armies in 2018 around the outbreak of World War VII. His army, Help Force, did not take part in the war, instead focusing on growing. During the 2018 Legends Cup, Help Force was eliminated in the second round, but this was still a revolutionary feat for a newly formed army. Help Force quickly became a strong military power that would reach sizes in the 60s and higher. Under Ayan, Help Force became very well-known through the community and engaged in numerous wars with Club Penguin Online alliances, defeating armies like the Pirates, Templars, and Light Troops. Ayan’s Help Force also defeated the Pirates at the 2019 Summer Bash and accomplished an arguably greater feat: the Help Force Exodus, which moved Help Force from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten with an entirely new Discord Server. Ayan, however, is most known for his work this year in the media, with emphasis on his leadership of CP Army Media and the founding of CP Army Hub. His work as Chief Executive Officer of CP Army Media included heavy post-production, upkeep, and administration alongside his partner, Emcee. He also worked to help unify the community under one league and one news site, leading to CP Army Hub. Ayan was undoubtedly a trailblazer in anything he did, from founding popular news sites and leagues to creating what is arguably one of the most successful armies to be created during the CPPS army era.


Change is well-known for his incredible leadership of the Water Vikings, serving as a loyal leader of the army on several occasions across seven years. Change joined armies in 2010, first serving in the Army of Club Penguin where he worked up to fourth-in-command. In 2013, he left them and joined the Water Vikings, where he ultimately made his name as a leader. He worked his way up to leader quickly, leading the first “Blue Summer” for the Water Vikings. This was their first breakthrough as a major army, where they hit record sizes. Change returned for equally successful leadership spells in 2014 and 2015. In 2015, the Water Vikings rose to the top of the top ten, reached the Legends Cup finals, and overcame the New Dawn Alliance in a 5-v-1 war against them. Change once again returned to lead the army in 2020, taking over the “Bunks” leadership and bringing the army to new heights. He broke the established top five through his revolutionary recruiting methods and managed to reach record-breaking sizes for the army of 70+ and 80+. Change was the driving force of the Water Vikings through 2020 and had much to do with their success through the year, and he continues to be crucial as a member of their High Council of Vikings.


Cosmo’s army career began when he enlisted in the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2017. After a year of hard work, Cosmo reached Second-in-Command of the army, growing the army’s AUSIA division to sizes of 80+. In 2019, he became Rebel Commander alongside Silverburg and Queenieliz. After a brief three month stint, Cosmo retired, rejoining for fourth-in-command later at the end of 2019. Again, he reached Second-in-Command and was able to lead the Rebel Penguin Federation’s dominant AUSIA division to sizes of 100+. In April 2020, during the infamous World War Rewritten, Cosmo was promoted to leader alongside Ultipenguinj. During the war, the Rebels displayed a commanding performance against the Army of Club Penguin and Chaos Army. After the war and Ultipenguinj’s retirement, Cosmo solo-led for a month before Crazzyhead joined him at the helm. The pair became a dynamic duo as the army hit extreme sizes such as 155+ at the Legends Cup finals, which they won. Post-tournament, Cosmo would guide the Rebel Penguin Federation along with Crazzy, joining the Black Ice Alliance and defeating the Doritos in a quick war. From then on, the Rebels continued their success, winning Club Penguin Army Hub Fright or Fight tournament and holding number one on the top ten for almost the entirety of Cosmo’s leadership.


Crazzy is well-known in the army community for her work in the Rebel Penguin Federation, her home army since 2019. Working from private, she quickly ranked up to 2ic right before World War Rewritten. As a 2ic, she was given the task to lead against ACP land in multiple battles, most notably leading the defense of Tuxedo, the biggest CPR-side battle in history. Following the war, she was given Rebel Commander at the beginning of June where she began her reign of dominance alongside Cosmo. She was able to lead RPF to victory in the Legends Cup, reaching sizes of 162. Following the tournament, she played a key role in the foundation of the Black Ice Alliance, the largest alliance in recent memory. She led RPF through wars versus DCP and RFCP, reaching sizes of 100 and chasing both of them out of the league. Her next big achievement came in October where RPF won the Fright or Fight tournament, sweeping ACP 3-0 in the finals, surpassing 120 once again. Subsequently, RPF declared war on Water Vikings. Dubbed as the Black Seas War, RPF was able to go undefeated once more. Under Crazzy’s leadership, RPF has been the most dominant army of the year, being first on the top ten for almost the entirety of her leadership. She has been able to surpass expectations as Rebel Commander, helping RPF reach sizes of almost 130 in December


CSY, one of the community’s key AUSIA figures, joined armies in 2015. Since joining, he’s held successful positions including AUSIA leader in the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos, and Water Vikings prior to the original Club Penguin shutdown. He also took part in a brief spell as Chief Executive Officer of news organization Small-Medium Army Central. During his most recent stint, CSY joined the Army of Club Penguin high command in November 2019. Following months of diligence at the head of the army’s AUSIA division, CSY succeeded leader Koloway and became the 48th leader of the Army of Club Penguin in February 2020 and continues to serve as the Commander-In-Chief to this date. Since then, he established the army as a consistent top contender, with many in the community believing the army has been strongest under his leadership since Boomer’s famous 2010 generation. CSY even claimed the number one spot on the Club Penguin Army Hub major top ten, just one of three armies to do so this year. Most notably, CSY played a pivotal role in the infamous World War Rewritten and took his army to the Fright or Fight finals, where the army saw an enormous size of 116 online. His AUSIA division has also proved to be very successful, breaking the previous size record of the AUSIA division creator, Flipmoo. CSY currently holds the Bronze and Silver Medals within the Army of Club Penguin, awarded by guardian Mchappy.


Eden first joined armies in 2008, known for his work in the Water Ninjas and Golds. However, he is seen as one of the founding fathers of CPPS armies after he helped found its first news site in April 2017: Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central. This site covered the small and slightly unified community of the time. After the fall of the site, Eden began his journey as the protector of the CPPS army community, helping keeping the community safe. He also had a brief run in the Water Ninjas in 2018, maxing 25 and performing fairly well for an early CPPS army. Eden later took part in making sure many of the early leagues were stable by helping a lot behind the scenes in structure and formation. He focused particularly on Club Penguin Online organizations, including Club Penguin Online Army League. Eden helped with the foundation of Club Penguin Army Syndicate, and Club Penguin Army Hub, particularly contributing to the unification of the latter. He aided in bringing the army community to its third golden age. Eden has served as an overseer of the community, working tirelessly to keep corruption away from it. As the figure behind CP Army Hub, he has work effortlessly to make sure all the admins are in check.


Emcee’s army career began when she joined the Rebel Penguin Federation in 2019. After a quick and steady rise up the ranks, she became a member of their high command by the end of 2019. She took part in the Rebel Penguin Federation Strike Force, a special operations branch focused on transitioning the army back into the competitive side of the army community. Not long after joining the high command, Emcee became interested in the media side of the community. She soon helped found Club Penguin Army Media, heading it alongside Ayan. There, she pushed out hard-hitting posts and made a name for herself within the still divided community. In mid-2020, Emcee took part in the unification of the community with the creation of Club Penguin Army Hub, the product of Club Penguin Army League and Club Penguin Army Media merging. She stepped down as Chief Executive Officer with this merge, taking an advisory position as it launched. With this work under her belt, Emcee undoubtedly became one of the key factors responsible for the third golden age of armies.


LuciferStar began his army career early in 2020, however his prominence began when he brought back the legendary Elites for arguably their greatest generation. Opened on CPO, he was able to lead the Elites to glory quickly, reaching sizes of 40+ within a couple of weeks of the revival. As leader of the Elites, he guided them through daunting wars, such as facing off against Ice Warriors, however, Elites were always left unscathed. His Elites were able to dominate the CPO map, owning the most servers. After the closure of CPO, the Elites continued their success onto a brand new CPPS, reaching the semi-finals of their LCX bracket before losing to RPF. Aside from armies, Lucifer has been an important figure within the media as he quickly ranked CEO for CPAL where he quickly made it a top-class media site. Lucifer then played a key role in the unification of the league and took the helm of CPAH when the merge occurred. As CEO of CPAH, Lucifer has been able to guide the league in a positive direction as it has been overall successful.

Madhav 2

Madhav 2’s army career began in early 2012 when he enlisted in the Dark Warriors. Starting off small, Madhav was able to work his way all the way up to Second in Command and even win the 2012 Christmas Chaos with Dark Warriors. Eventually, Madhav retired from armies and would not return until the COVID-19 pandemic brought him back to the community in March 2020, where he would join the Ice Warriors as a Second in Command. Upon joining, he would help the Ice Warriors progress in the March Madness tournament, where they would hit record sizes of 165. Due to all of his hard work, Madhav would then be promoted to Main Leader in April of 2020. Not long after his promotion, Club Penguin Online, the main CPPS of the Ice Warriors, would shut down, leaving IW without a CPPS to call home. Madhav was able to guide the Ice Warriors onto a brand new CPPS seamlessly, even gaining a victory over one of the biggest armies at the time, the Rebel Penguin Federation. He would then guide the Ice Warriors through the Legends Cup X tournament, where they exceeded sizes of 120 and would defeat major armies such as ACP before barely losing to RPF in the Semi-Finals. Following this, Madhav played an instrumental role in the formation of the Black Ice Alliance. Being arguably one of the most powerful alliances of all time, they were able to easily beat the Doritos in war. Finally, his last big achievement was winning the belated Final of the March Madness tournament, defeating his very first army the Dark Warriors to win the tournament. Under his leadership, the Ice Warriors collected an abundance of accolades, transcended sizes of 100 across multiple CPPSes, and were undisputedly a top 3 army his entire run.


Maroon joined the community in 2012 as a Special Weapons and Tactics troop. He remained a low rank until 2016 and was inactive until then. In 2020, Maroon returned to the army on Club Penguin Online, reaching a staff rank when the army hit sizes of 100+. He stuck with the army until its eventual merge with the Doritos. Maroon joined Doritos at Second-in-Command, rising through the ranks and eventually became leader. He continued to lead the army through great heights, including maxes of 80+ and maintained the army as one of the best major armies of the year. Maroon played a key role in the Doritos as leader, helping them maintain their influence on the community.


Noa has been a well-known figure throughout the year because of her hard work with the Dark Warriors. She joined the latest Dark Warriors generation upon their reopening for Second-in-Command and quickly earned leader in March 2020. Though Dark Warriors were one of the only armies at the time that did not have veterans leading, they managed to hit some of the biggest Club Penguin Online sizes, hitting sizes up to 135+ and breaking the 90+ threshold for their AUSIA division. The Dark Warriors remained a powerhouse on Club Penguin Online, defeating armies such as the Templars, Aliens, and Special Weapons and Tactics in wars. After Club Penguin Online shut down, Noa was able to navigate her army to a brand new CPPS where they maintained their dominant sizes and remained a top five army after the leagues merged. Noa played a huge part in the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, one of the most dominant alliances of recent years as they were able to defeat the Doritos quickly in a war. After this war, the Dark Warriors narrowly lost to the Ice Warriors in the finals of the March Madness tournament. Noa has stuck with the Dark Warriors through the entire year, providing them a sense of stability across CPPSes. Under Noa, the Dark Warriors hit up to 92+ post-Club Penguin Online closure.


Known throughout the community as a strong-willed character, Pjayo made his mark on numerous armies since joining the Army of Club Penguin in 2010 all the way to his retirement towards the end of 2020. Before becoming leader of the Water Vikings, Pjayo built his name within the Dark Warriors, assisting the army’s rebellion against the “agents” leadership. Pjayo was then hired by Club Penguin Army Legend Bepboy as leader of the Water Vikings, leading the army to their most successful generation at that point in 2014 in what was described as a “blue summer” where they regularly placed within the top three of the top ten. Pjayo rose to prominence on his return to armies in 2020, starting with a successful revival of the Shadow Troops. He merged the army into his new creation, the Golden Guardians. His new army quickly became a new and influential army within the Club Penguin Army Media community. They later rebranded to the reformed Water Vikings, who would go to reach sizes of up to 70+. Pjayo’s strong character made this one of the most successful Water Vikings generations to date. He was also known in 2020 for his influence in Club Penguin Army Hub representative, pushing for change with numerous proposals.


Pookie437 is one of the most outspoken figures of this time period. Before his time in Club Penguin Army Hub, Pookie was one of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation Strike Force, a special ops branch that brought the army back to the competitive army community after their defeat in World War VII. In addition, he reached Second-in-Command of the Rebel Penguin Federation, working closely with leader Ultipenguinj. Pookie is best known, however, for his work in Club Penguin Army Hub, taking the role of Chief Executive Officer. Pookie played a role in the unification of the community after being part of the team that sealed the merge between Club Penguin Army League and Club Penguin Army Media. He has helped the third golden age immensely, being a charismatic figure of the community and helping grow Club Penguin Army Hub to new heights. He has helped make the news site the most dominant in the community, and arguably the most successful site in the CPPS era, gaining the admiration of Club Penguin Army Central legend Bluesockwa2. Pookie has worked tirelessly to maintain Club Penguin Army Hub’s reputation and dominance since its creation.


Regan began his venture in armies when he joined the Ice Warriors in 2010 as a private. He spent five years with the army and ranked up to Second-in-Command while Ice Warriors dominated the community. He rejoined armies during the COVID-19 boom when he rejoined the Ice Warriors for Second-in-Command. He was apart of their HCOM when IW hit their record size of 165. He was quickly promoted to leader and helped guide the army to reach incredible sizes during the Club Penguin Online era. Once Club Penguin Online shut down, he was able to help Ice Warriors onto a brand new CPPS with ease, where the army continued to dominate the community. Regan helped give Ice Warriors an impressive Legends Cup run where they exceeded sizes of 100+ multiple times. Following the tournament, he was influential in the formation of the Black Ice Alliance, the most dominant alliance in recent history. With the foundation of this alliance, they defeated the Doritos in war and added to Regan’s undefeated war record. The Ice Warriors also went on to win the March Madness tournament under his guidance. Despite the multitude of significant retirements in the army, Regan was able to maintain their impressive sizes, almost always holding a top three ranking in the top ten under his leadership including displacing RPF for consecutive weeks. Currently, he has led IW into the Christmas Chaos, surpassing sizes of 110+. Outside of Ice Warriors, Regan was selected as one of the original Head Judges. He played a pivotal role in creating the judging rules for the newly merged league and also helped recreate the Water Ninjas who have held rankings on the major top ten an abundance of times.


Spotty is most-famous for her strong leadership in the Help Force and the Dark Warriors. Her army career goes back to 2018 when she joined the Rebel Penguin Federation as a troop. Not holding it for long, she switched onto CPO’s Help Force and ranked up her way to becoming a Moderator. After strengthening her position in the army scenario, she was promoted to a commanding position in late 2018. Under Spotty and her co-leaders, the Help Force waged war against several armies, including the Black Alliance and proved to be a superpower in the army scene. Marching forward, the Help Force managed to defeat the Pirates in the Summer Bash tournament and won their first trophy. Spotty was also responsible for managing record sizes of about 90 around the end of that year. She also served the community by being the CEO of CPO’s Army League for a month. Also known for her vital role in the HF Exodus of 2019, she helped the army to get back on its feet after switching to Club Penguin Rewritten. The Help Force moved forward and reached the Holiday Championship Semis, where they were defeated by the ACP. Spotty also helped the army achieve a #1 ranking in one of the Top Tens of January, a remarkable feat during those months. However, she’s most known for her charismatic leadership in the Dark Warriors during this year. Spotty ranked up to the leadership and kept the community active through her well planned themed weeks. She led the army along with her co-leaders to wage war against the Doritos and the Water Vikings, guiding them to sizes of over 70. At their 13th Anniversary, she helped DW achieve a feat of 90, and also revived the AUSIA side of the army. Spotty continues to be a respectable and active member of this community, finding a humorous way to keep everyone happy around her.


Tistle is best known for leading the Help Force and being inducted into their Hall of Fame. First joining in 2019, Tistle is known in his army as a remarkable leader. Tistle was a staff member for roughly a year and eventually assumed a leadership position in October of 2019 . Tistle led the Help Force to an unpredictable and remarkable run all the way to the Legends Cup X finals after beating the Doritos and Dark Warriors as underdogs. This success was due to a revolution in their recruiting strategy, which saw their sizes exceed 80+. He also revamped the Help Force Discord server and made major contributions to their CPPS, Help Force Island. Tistle set the foundations for the second half of 2020, which made Help Force one of the biggest and most dominant armies in the newly united Club Penguin Army Community, regularly placing in the top three of the top ten.


Small/Medium Legend Nominations

  • Amber
  • Freedomist
  • Hidcre
  • Honda
  • Lightningmcj
  • Mare
  • Mythic
  • TheMightyA
  • Tsanami


Amber first joined armies in April 2020 to take part in a new army called the Silver Empire. Amber would serve as the army’s Second-in-Command first and quickly climbed to the leader role in just one month. Following this promotion, Amber helped transform Silver Empire and led it to sizes of 20+. The army would defeat Special Weapons and Tactics, Water Ninjas, and Templars in a series of battles, leading Silver Empire to reach the major top ten multiple times. Silver Empire has commonly been known for being the runner-up in small/medium tournaments thanks to Amber’s leadership. Amber built Silver Empire out of almost nothing, making it a key thorn to both the Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers.


Freedomist’s army notability began when he joined Templars in August 2019 and earned leader within a week. In his two months of leading, he was able to defeat notable armies such as Help Force, Aliens, and Royals in wars. After retiring for a while, Freedomist returned to armies in April 2020 and brought the Templars from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten successfully. Under his leadership, the Templars began hitting sizes of 30+ while consistently maintaining an average of 20+. He led until September, helping the army be one of the top medium armies of the summer. His leadership also saw the army beat the Coup Crusaders, Lime Green Army, and Recon Federation in wars. He was able to stabilize the army’s EU division while leading. After leaving Templars, he moved on to the Water Ninjas where he was given leader in October 2020. As leader, the Water Ninjas quickly hit major rankings and have consistently maintained a 20+ max, stabilizing the army. Water Ninjas also reached its highest max ever of 42 under Freedomist. Throughout Freedomist’s leadership, the Water Ninjas have remained on the major top ten and have gone undefeated in many battles.


Hidcre is best known for her extensive work within the Pizza Federation, arguably the most dominant small-medium army in the CPPS era. Her work included growing the army’s influence after its reformation era, which brought great nobility to the army. She helped take home many of the tournament and war wins of 2020 and helped forge alliances for the army that have been revolutionary. Hidcre went down as a Pizza Federation legend for her assistance in rebuilding the army to create the third golden age, with usage of a family strategy leading to a multi-gaming platform. This platform helped lead Pizza Federation to peak maxes.


Honda joined armies in February 2020 after being recruited to the Rebel Penguin Federation. He soon found the Dark Bandits, joining for its opening and reaching fourth-in-command at its peak. Following the decision to close Dark Bandits, Honda and a Second-in-Command Maxine created the Red Ravagers. Despite the army’s youth, Honda accumulated many former Bandits into the army, even winning a war against the People’s Imperial Confederation. Honda formed many crucial small-medium alliances, still existing today. Honda led Red Ravagers to the major top ten for two months, despite being much smaller than other contenders. This achievement also saw the Red Ravagers overtake multiple major armies on the top ten. He also led the Superstars and Golden Troops during his time, making a name for himself in the small-medium scene. He played a huge and significant role in multiple small-medium armies and helped change small-medium warfare for many months to come.


Lightningmcj is a significant figure in small-medium armies, despite being newer to the community. After joining in early May with the Recon Federation, Light made his way to the Pizza Federation, following Snork’s assumption to leader. Within less than two months, Light became the quickest Second-in-Command and the fastest climber in Pizza Federation’s history. He was responsible for co-ruling the army’s foreign relations and for spearheading the Small-Medium Army Union. After four months of being in the army, Light became the leader. He led Pizza Federation to two more tournament victories and set new max records for the army. His outstanding work, smart diplomacy, and efforts to expand Pizza Federation’s influence to other games makes him arguably comparable to some of the army’s legends. 


Mare’s army journey began in April 2020 when she joined a newly reopened SWAT. Once she joined, she was quickly able to rank up to 3ic. She left this generation as it shutdown to pursue a newly created army as one of the founding members, One Direction Army. ODA quickly became a staple within the S/M community, often ranking among the top S/M armies on the top ten. After building a stable foundation for ODA, she went back to SWAT, this time joining for leader. When she joined, SWAT was struggling as a S/M army, however she was able to bring the heat back into the army with her recruiting. During her tenure as SWAT leader, the Water Vikings declared war on them. Though being a S/M army at the time, they were able to win many battles in this hard fought war which eventually brought SWAT up to the major rankings. Despite losing the war, it led to SWAT being a regular feature among the top major top 10. Mare was able to bring stability to SWAT, an army that experienced many ups and downs before her introduction while her previous army ODA still experiences S/M success with her as an advisor.


Mythic joined the community first by being a part of Templars in October 7th of 2019. He rose through the ranks quickly and was soon promoted to Templars Leader in January. Mythic worked actively towards spreading the Templars influence to the rest of the community which finally earned him the title of a Templars Legend, however troubles with the rest of the leadership led to his departure from the Templars Leadership. He moved around serving as high command and advisor in multiple armies, until finally settling down to revive Elites with LuciferStar and Simmonds2000 where he played a key role in bringing Elites to becoming a Major Army.


TheMightyA would first join the army community through the Doritos. After convincing from Darklink, Mighty would join Team Yellow Army as a leader. Mighty would serve as one of the three main leaders alongside Dark and Echo. After TYA merged into the Romans, Mighty briefly served as a second-in-Command before moving back to the Doritos. After reaching third-in-Command, he decided to revive the Golden Troops with Aggiepie and Satchmo. Mighty would serve as the face of the army during his two leadership reigns. He played a big in its revival, diplomacy, and rise to peaks of max 20+. Mighty additionally won 2 wars against the Black Order and One Direction Army as leader. Mighty is a standing example of new blood.


Tsanami began her career in armies through being part of a plethora of small-medium armies, including Royals, Aliens, and Black Order. However, her most notable feat was the creation of the Crimson Guardians, which she created in August 2019. She has been leading ever since. Through its time in Club Penguin Online Army League, Crimson Guardians were a regular on the small-medium top ten. Tsanami also helped with the army’s smooth transition from Club Penguin Online to Club Penguin Rewritten. Tsanami helped her army outlive other Club Penguin Online small-medium armies during the transition period and merge of the communities. During her time as leader, she even took her army to maxes of up to 26, a greatly successful feat for the army and an outstanding achievement for her leadership.


Historically, legends inductions have included a community portion where the community could make their voice heard. While the community will not directly be in charge of who gets legend, those who have the most votes from the community will be given extra “community votes”, thus giving the community a chance to act as a member of the legends board and make their voices heard.

Armies are strictly forbidden from pinging and telling their army who to vote for or giving people in their army pre filled ballots. If armies would like to ping and simply tell people to vote then that is allowed, but we want the votes to be an honest reflection of someone’s impact on the community, not a popularity contest. If you are aware of anyone breaking this rule, please inform LuciferStar and appropriate action will be taken.

In order to vote, you must copy the following form into the comments section of this post. We would like to remind you all that IPs are blocked and can not be viewed by editors, and comments will remain unapproved while counting in order for votes to remain anonymous. You need to say yes or no to each candidate, and your vote will not count if you do not give your vote on each candidate. If you wish for your comment to be deleted after it is counted, contact LuciferStar. As mentioned earlier, we encourage you to read through the biographies and vote based on achievement, rather than personal ties.

  • What is your name/discord tag?
  • Major Legend Nominations (delete as appropriate):
    • Agent 11: Yes/No
    • Ayan: Yes/No
    • Change: Yes/No
    • Cosmo: Yes/No
    • Crazzy: Yes/No
    • CSY: Yes/No
    • Eden: Yes/No
    • Emcee: Yes/No
    • LuciferStar: Yes/No
    • Madhav 2: Yes/No
    • Maroon: Yes/No
    • Noa: Yes/No
    • Pjayo: Yes/No
    • Pookie437: Yes/No
    • Regan: Yes/No
    • Spotty: Yes/No
    • Tistle: Yes/No
  • S/M Legend Nominations
    • Amber: Yes/No
    • Freedomist: Yes/No
    • Hidcre: Yes/No
    • Honda: Yes/No
    • Lightningmcj: Yes/No
    • Mare: Yes/No
    • Mythic: Yes/No
    • TheMightyA: Yes/No
    • Tsanami: Yes/No
  • Should anyone else have been nominated:

We hope that this legends process is clear and efficient, and we look forward to seeing who you and the committee choose to be inducted onto the legends page. This is a process that has existed for nearly ten years now, and we are proud that CP Army Hub has the opportunity to continue this legacy. However, for now it is up to you to decide who is added to the legends page.


CP Army Hub Advisor & Legend Committee Manager


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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