Christmas Chaos X: Round Three Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This weekend, the semi-finals of the tenth Christmas Chaos tournament took place. Four armies fought to win, but only two came out victorious. Which armies are moving on to the grand finals?

The first day of the Christmas Chaos semi-finals was December 12th. The armies battling on that Saturday included Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force. Who won this exciting battle?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force

This highly anticipated first match saw allies Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force go head-to-head. The first room featured similar sizes from the armies, as close as 49-45 in favor of the Rebels. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation also had unbelievable speed throughout, along with outstanding tactics. The Helpers were close, but the quality of their tactics was unable to match the Rebels. As a result, the first room went to the Rebel Penguin Federation. The second room saw a size difference of roughly 50 troops in favor of the Rebels. This, along with their speed and high-quality tactics, gave them the second room. Finally, the third room picked up again for both armies, though the Federation still had a 10+ size advantage. Help Force maintained a great pace throughout the room for their speed and tactics, but they were unable to match the quality of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The final room went to them. The Rebel Penguin Federation came out victorious and they will be moving on to the finals.

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

The second battle kicked off on Sunday, December 13th. The armies battling were the Ice Warriors and the Doritos. Which army made it to the next round?

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

To conclude the weekend, the Ice Warriors went up against the Doritos. This hard-fought and highly anticipated battle saw similar sizes and similar tactic quality. Both armies came eager and ready to fight. In spite of this excitement, neither the Ice Warriors nor the Doritos could hold a heavy lead on the first room, leading the judges to declare it a tie. As soon as the second room started, however, Ice Warriors developed an incredible size advantage of over 20 and maintained their dominance of the room. The final room saw both armies fighting hard, with the Doritos regaining sizes, but both armies fluctuated in their tactics, formations, and speed. The Doritos dominated the first few minutes of the room, but Ice Warriors rocked the latter half. Since there was not a clear winner, the judges called room three a tie. As a result of all this, the Ice Warriors were declared the winners of the battle and will be moving on to the finals.

Winner: Ice Warriors

At the end of the weekend, only two armies progressed to the final round of the tenth anniversary of Christmas Chaos. As a result, the advancing armies are brother allies Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors. Who will win the legendary final round of Christmas Chaos? We will have to wait and see. Place your bets!

What do YOU think? Which battle was your favorite of the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Vice President


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