Dark Champions Announce Colonization Under Elites and Ensue Leadership Changes

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Dark Champions Empire – Following the revival of the Elites, Dark Champions creator and Elites Godfather Simmonds2000 decided to colonize the army under the Elites. What led to this decision?

Simmonds2000 and James18120 created the Dark Champions in 2013. The current generation was revived in September of this year by Simmonds2000, Overload, and AustinFraud. The army was doing well, until a sudden wave of inactivity hit the army. On December 13th, Simmonds announced that the Dark Champions will be colonizing under the Elites. To find out more, the CP Army Hub team reached out to Simmonds2000 for a statement:

The colonization was decided due to some reasons. Firstly, as creator of Dark Champions, it is my duty to ensure that the army does not burn out. Elites were set to return and it is my home army and therefore I wanted to return home and to lift them back up again. However, colonizing Dark Champions means that the fire cant burn out and it can benefit them in many ways. Overall, colonizing Dark Champions under Elites was mainly to help keep them flowing and to ensure they were stable. Also due to the fact that I was returning to Elites and therefore I felt it was my duty to act and put something in place to help as I was leaving.

Simmonds2000 announcing the colonization, click to enlarge

Following this announcement, Simmonds2000, AustinFraud, and Overload retired from their position as Dark Champions’ leaders. In his announcement, Simmonds mentioned the arrival of two new faces into the army’s leadership: Kook and Ugly. To find out their thoughts about these changes, the CP Army Hub team reached out to the two new leaders for an interview.

How do you feel about the army being colonized under the Elites?

Kook: Well once I heard about Elites reopening, it wasn’t a surprise to me that we’d colonize under them. I completely understand and support the decision Austin and Simmonds made and I’m all for it if that’s what they think is best for DC.

Ugly: I think this is a great opportunity for both armies and it’s far better than shutting down the Dark Champions or merging it

Were you surprised to hear about your promotion to leader?

Kook: Austin kept telling me I’d be next in line for leader if anything were to happen so I was definitely expecting it at some point but I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon.

Ugly: I was very surprised and didn’t believe it. I was super happy and felt proud to myself that I managed to get the role in such a short amount of time and hard work payed off.

What do you hope to accomplish as a leader?

Kook: As a leader I hope to do my best in leading DC and do as much as I can for the army. I want to make it as open and welcome to everyone as it can be and most importantly I just want to make sure our members are having fun.

Ugly: I’ll try my hardest to make this army the top of s/m armies, with the help of kook and all the other staff we can reach the sky limit, and I’ll make sure to make Austin and Simmonds proud.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Kook: Keep an eye on Elites. Everyone’s working hard and we’ve got some pretty big goals we’re gonna reach.

Ugly: Good luck to all Elites Leaders for their newest generation, and I’m sure this generation will be the most superior of them all with the leadership of the current leaders!

It seems that both leaders, Ugly and Kook are ready to take on the burden of leadership and both have high aspirations for the Dark Champions as well as great expectations from the Elites. However, with the end of flash just around the corner, how will these armies fare?

What do YOU think? How will this colonization affect these two armies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


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