SWAT Declares War, Turns Up Heat on Pizza Federation

SNOW SHOE, SWAT Empire – On December 15th, Special Weapons and Tactics declared war on the Pizza Federation. What was the reason behind this sudden war declaration?

On December 15th, Special Weapons and Tactics released an announcement declaring war on the Pizza Federation. In their accompanying post titled One Slice Too Many, the army accused the Federation of “hiding behind allies, troop-stealing, and disrespecting SWAT”. The post alleged that during the first round of the Christmas Chaos X tournament, Pizza Federation used allies and other army leaders to help boost their max. Furthermore, SWAT accused the army of banning those members to cover up their trail.

The army also accused the Federation of conspiring against them, bringing up helping other armies win against them. SWAT accused the Federation of attacking the People’s Imperial Confederation during their weakest point. The post concluded with SWAT telling the Pizza Federation to face them one on one before ending with their war terms.

Special Weapons and Tactics declaring their war terms to the Pizza Federation

The CP Army Hub team approached both parties for statements regarding the war declaration. The Army Hub team approached Ganger90, the current leader of SWAT, who gave the following statement:

Our primary reason for this war is to bring something exciting to our newer troops who haven’t experienced an actual CPA war yet and to regain lost servers/add new ones. There were comments and actions made by PZF that motivated the declaration as well, but this is primarily to have a good time and won’t be a hate war by any means. SWAT Forever.

The Army Hub team reached out to Lightningmcj for the following statement:

PZF is frankly a little surprised by the declaration, but we’re prepared to rise to the challenge and, at the end of the day, we’re gonna have fun and do the best we can do, win or lose. We’re the most dominant S/M army of the CPPS generation and we plan to maintain that title; we won’t go down without a fight. I’d say be prepared, because PZF has more than a couple tricks up its sleeve.

Special Weapons and Tactics have announced the invasion of Federation’s server Cozy at 3am EST on Wednesday, December 16th. It seems like both armies are prepared for the war and ready to face the challenges ahead of them. Will SWAT successfully invade the Pizza Federation’s land?

What do YOU think? What will be the outcome of the war? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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