If Armies Were Pokémon

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Made in 1995, the Pokémon franchise was a key part of many childhoods. Collecting the cards and watching the show, hundreds of Pokémon were discovered. Let’s take a look at what Pokémon we think best fits armies!

Rebel Penguin Federation: Arcanine

Arcanine’s pre-evolution is Growlithe, which is one of the most energetic and playful Pokémon. At the same time, Growlithes can be focused and determined, much like the Rebel Penguin Federation. Officer Jenny and the other Pokémon world police often use Growlithe and their evolution, Arcanine, to help take down criminals. Arcanine is a fire type Pokémon, known to be powerful, fierce, loyal, and fast. They are certainly one of the top-dogs in Pokémon battles, able to take down opponents with ease. Thus, the resemblance between the Rebels and Arcanine is shockingly close.

Ice Warriors: Weavile

Weavile is an Ice/Dark type pokemon that lives in snow covered areas. They are notoriously powerful predators, famed for their sharp claws, speed and agility when taking down their opponents. Their immense power and penchant for using fatal Ice type attacks makes them a great match for the Ice Warriors!

Army of Club Penguin: Gardevoir

Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy pokemon known to be more capable of feeling complex emotions. They are one of the most graceful characters of the Pokémon world, often protecting their trainer and friends with their life. They have one of the best attack and defense when they have to fight, and their mega evolution makes them even powerful when faced with uphill battles. Thus, Gardevoir is a lot like the Army of Club Penguin.

Help Force: Salamence

Salamence are one of the best dragon and flying type Pokémon as they are incredibly powerful. In the wild they fly all day as it brings them joy, only stopping when they are tired or sleeping. During tournaments, the pokemon is known to Mega evolve into an even more powerful version of themselves, resembling the Help Force’s incredible performances during tournaments. They do not interact with many other Pokémon and instead stay to themselves and their fun flying, once again reminiscent of Help Force.

Doritos of Club Penguin: Slaking

Slakings are, based on stats, one of the best Pokémon in any Pokémon game, as its HP is and defense are extremely high. Their behavior wouldn’t be considered the best, but they are always preserving their energy, releasing huge amounts of it during a battle, making them a formidable opponent. They may not be the prettiest Pokémon, but they are a strong force you would not want to mess with, hence why the Doritos were paired with Slaking.

Water Vikings: Gyarados

A ferocious sea dragon, Gyrados is a ridiculously powerful Water Pokémon, resembling the Water Vikings in every sense. They are known to openly challenge any intruder in their territory and are quite a formidable opponent. Evolving from weak Magikarps, they remind one of the impressive speed with which Water Vikings rose from a small army to a major powerhouse. In Pokémon lore, Gyrados appear in times of conflict, and like Vikings, can be found in storms.

Templars: Primape

Primapes are one of the best known fighting Pokémon. In the Indigo season of the Pokémon show, Primape originally did not listen or obey the main character Ash, as they are more of a wild Pokémon than any other pokemon. Like the Templars, Primapes aren’t afraid of a fight!

Water Ninjas: Sneasel

With Ice Warriors as Weavile, it makes sense that their colony, Water Ninjas, is the pre-evolution Sneasel! Also known to be a Pokémon capable of great speeds, they still pack a powerful attack, just on a smaller scale than Weavile.

Swat: Theivul

A dark-type fox Pokémon, Theivul may not be as much of a hard-hitter to have in your roster like other good Pokémon, but they make up for their lack of power with their cunning and cleverness. Theivuls often execute well-planned quests for food in packs, and overall are good-looking Pokémon reminding one of SWAT’s suave black-themed outfit.

Pizza Federation: Snorlax

This one was one of the most obvious choices. When in its slumbering state, Snorlax is not something you would fear. However, once they awaken–like the Federation in tournaments–you better be prepared for heavily powerful attacks and a strong defense. Plus, Snorlax is known for its trait of eating huge amounts of food, similar to Pizza Federation’s food based theme.

Silver Empire: Lairon

Lairons are a steel and rock-type Pokémon, its abilities include sturdy and heavy metal. Much like the Silver Empire, they are heavily armored, with several fatal attacks in their repertoire. Similar to the Silvers who are close to becoming a major army, Lairon evolve into the Tank pokemon Aggron, a heavy hitter that a lot of trainers crave for in their team!

Red Ravagers: Monferno

Monferno is a Fire/Fighting type Pokémon, known for their quick fire punches, which makes them a good option for the Red Ravagers, who possess quick and neat forms. Their evolution, Infernape, is known for its notoriously fast and powerful attacks, which in the anime, often helps its trainer Ash win adrenaline-pumping battles. Like the Silver Empire, it remains to be seen if the Ravvies will evolve into Infernape and become major!

Black Jackets: Riolu

Riolu, the young Pokémon and the pre-evolution of the infamous fighter Lucario, known for its aura attacks that were even featured in Super Smash Bros. Although Riolu is young, it already has the superhuman strength found in many fighting types, and may become an exciting Lucario! This certainly reminds us of the fast-growing Black Jackets army.

All of these Pokémon are wonderful companions in the Pokeworld, just as how these armies are an integral part of our community. What do you think? Were these comparisons accurate?

What do YOU think? What Pokémon would your army be? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter in Training

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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