Footprints in the Sand: Hannah

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The latest edition of Footprints in the Sand will be featuring none other than Hannah! What is her favorite moment?

Hannah first joined the Help Force in May of 2019. After becoming an active member of the Force in December the same year, Hannah quickly became a member of the staff team and worked hard until she joined their leadership in August of 2020. However, after reigning as a leader for two months, Hannah departed from the Help Force in October.

HF facing IW under Hannah’s leadership

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Hannah for an interview regarding her favorite moment:

What has been your favorite moment since joining the army community?

You know it’s quite hard to think of one moment out of all the other memorable moments that I’ve experienced. Since joining the army community, I have been able to make connections with people from all over the world and never in a million years would I have ever expected to feel as close as family with some of them. I think one of my favourite moments has to be when I had a wedding on HFI with a random troll that joined HF. His name was Kasper and we got married like 10 minutes after he joined and it was 6am for me and it was also a school night. It just really meant a lot to me.

What turn of events led to the wedding?

Honestly I just felt like it

How did the wedding go?

It was so cute and full of laughs. A few people actually came and someone recorded it too sdifnsjkfdj.

That’s cute! Do you have anything else to add?


It seems that Hannah’s favorite moment was a small but fun wedding that occurred spontaneously without any preparations. Sometimes the most small and insignificant events that occur may end up being remembered for a while to come. After exploring Hannah’s favorite moment today, what is your favorite moment? Is it small but important to you?

What do YOU think about Hannah’s favorite moment? Who should be interviewed next? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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