Oagalthorp World Records: 2020 Edition

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Our army community has often been compared to a mini-society–one that fundamentally reflects the real world. So in true societal fashion, CP Army Hub is proud to introduce the first edition of the Oagalthorp World Records, our own version of the Guinness World Records.

The Guinness World Records, a reference book used for listing different records globally, was originally an idea by Sir Hugh Beaver. He was the then managing director of the Guinness Breweries, named after the Guinness family. Since its creation, the Guinness World Records has taken the world by storm. Similarly, we at CP Army Hub have decided to release the Oagalthorp World Records, named after the founding father of armies.

Without further ado, here are the categories we will be including this year in the 2020 edition; categories both silly and serious. If you have a submission for a record, please DM Editor-in-Chief sophiee#0227 in the CP Army Hub Discord server with your category, nomination, and proof. We will be taking submissions until December 20th at 2 PM EST.

Longest-Serving Leader

Leading armies can often be a tiring thing, however, there’s one to triumph them all as the longest-serving leader. (Note that we are counting one period, not combined time in leadership.)

Longest War

How long is too long? Wars are a common occurrence in armies, but some can be of considerably greater length than others.

Shortest War

On the other hand, we have wars that end as quickly as they begin. Just how short can a war be?

Biggest Max

Measure your penguins because we’re looking for the biggest max from one army in all of Club Penguin history.

Biggest Battle

When counting maxes for both armies in a battle, how high can you go?

Most Posts Written

If you’ve written for a league, count up your posts, because we’re on the hunt for the most amount of posts written.

Most Popular Post

Site views, comments, statistics galore–which post is the most popular?

Oldest Active Vet

Truly a fossil in this community. Must be currently holding a position in armies and actively attending events.

Most Talkative

Taking submissions for the number of messages sent in your current army, former armies, and league.

Most Wars

How many times can your army go to battle?

Most War Victories

How many wars has your army won?

Most Tournament Victories

From past to present, how many tournament victories can your army claim?

Longest Serving Staff Member 

If you’re enlisted as staff in an army, how long have you been serving? Must be in one army.

Most Couped

A slightly more controversial one but a record all the same. How many leader positions have you been thrown off of?

Led the Most Armies

How many armies have you been a leader in?

Most Retirements

Being promoted is great and all, but how many times have you retired only to come back?

As a reminder, the 2020 Edition will include everything from the creation of armies till now. As long as you can find proof, anything is submittable. You may also submit on behalf of other people, just as long as proof is attached. Please try to submit in as many categories as possible.

Do not attempt to fake records, this is all in good fun. If you are found faking records, you will be disqualified from future record books. Good luck, and DM Editor-in-Chief Sophie if you have a nomination!

What do YOU think? Can you predict the outcomes of these records? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief



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