Washed Away: Water Troops Announce Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Troops Empire – After a tremendous thirteen generations, the Water Troops recently flowed away from the army community. Why did the Water Troops shut down?

Water Troops were created by Keano73 in November 2009. Although the army had many ups and downs over the years, they always came back strongly and never looked behind.

The current generation was revived by Lukey and TD999 in October and was led by Komodo and Slick. It was the 13th generation in the Water Troops history. Being a small/medium army, they usually maxed healthy sizes of 10-15 and had many memorable moments. However, on December 14th, Games, who led the Water Troops in their 11th generation, announced the closure of the army.

The closure announcement by Games, click to enlarge

As a result of this announcement, Komodo, Slick and every other High Command retired from their positions in the army. In the announcement, Games also recommended his troops to join the Underground Mafias, the Pizza Federation or the Blue Miners as their next armyCP Army Hub was able to reach out to Games to take his views on the closure.

Why did you decide to shut down the Water Troops?

Komodo and slick have done their best to lead the Water Troops, but I believe it is best to relieve the burden off their shoulders.

What has been your best memory while leading the Water Troops?

One of our early events was in-directly raided by a Club Penguin Rewritten Youtuber known as TigerofWind. His fans poured into the room we were in and all of us crashed.

What is one achievement that could have prevented the Water Troops from shutting down?

Hypothetically if the Water Troops weren’t revived in October by Lukey, then we wouldn’t have to shut down now. :troll:

Will the Water Troops ever return?

Hopefully not, but I can’t predict the future.

After eleven successful years and many fun events and battles, it seems really tough for the Water Troops to be able to return as an army in the foreseeable future, but surely anything is possible as long as there is hope and belief. 

What do YOU think? Will the Water Troops return as an army someday? Or have they drowned forever? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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  1. I hate you Games


  2. :trol:


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