New Administration: A Step Towards a Brighter Future

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Administration’s Office – In light of recent events, we would like to formally address the situation and welcome a new administration. 

Earlier today, an announcement was issued on the Army Hub Discord server regarding Chief Executive Officer Pookie437 and Vice President Cassie. It read as follows: 

“Hello, Earlier today, we saw CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer, Pookie437, and Vice President, Cassie, step down from their respective positions, effective immediately. What you’ve been told by now is that this was a meticulous plan organised as a way to coup Pookie437 from his position. You have also been told that Pookie437 was doxxed and that somehow the two incidents are related. While I myself was not aware of everything that occurred until I noticed the chaos in administration channels when I woke up, I realized that this was a sensitive issue that needed to be resolved as soon as possible, and more importantly, the community had to be made aware about it before lies began to spread. Throughout all the allegations you’ve seen tonight, I’m here to clear up some facts. First, pookie being doxxed was completely unrelated to CPAH. The doxxing occurred in the CPAM server and was done by members that are banned from CPAH. However, this doxxing came at an unfortunate time as the founders had recently gathered to discuss issues they have been experiencing in CPAH. These matters were meant to be addressed privately but unfortunately became public. Due to the events that have occurred tonight, Pookie has decided to step down as CPAH CEO. We wish him well in his future endeavours. I take this moment to also issue an apology to all of you for being pulled into an administrative matter. Much more is in store for all of you as now enter the last few stages of the Flash era!”

However, this does not mean that there will be a break in operations at CP Army Hub! In fact, we take this moment to welcome new members to the administration and staff rankings. 

New Administration

Chief Executive Officer: LuciferStar

Executive Producer: Max

Vice President: Sophie and Orange

We are delighted to announce that Editor-in-Chief Sophie and Advisor Orange will be assuming the Vice President position and joining LuciferStar and Max in the administration. Sophie has been an exceptional member of the reporting head team for some time now, organising and managing the reporting staff and providing much-loved content for our readers to enjoy. Alongside this, she has exercised great judgement in her Head Judge position and has established herself as a professional, hard working and trustworthy member of our community. The perfect person to join the new administration. 

Orange has served as an Advisor for several months, and has been a consistent voice in both league and reporting decision making. He has continuously offered well rounded advice and has clearly shown himself to share the CP Army Hub values. He is also well experienced, having held Executive Producer roles in both the Small-Medium Army Central and CP Online Army League, as well as a Vice President position in CP Army Media. We have no doubt that he will assist in providing a positive working environment moving forward. 

Editor-in-Chief: Caramel

Associate Producer: Kally

Alongside these administrative changes, we are thrilled to also reveal Associate Producer Caramel will now be working as an Editor-in-Chief, while Reporter Kally will be promoted to the Associate Producer role. Caramel has been a fantastic asset to the reporting head team, and her hard work and high quality of work has earned her this new position. We are looking forward to her taking on more responsibility in this managerial role. 

Likewise, Kally has been a fantastic member of the reporting team, working hard to produce an array of fantastic content for the viewers to enjoy, including her very own and successful column: ‘The Next Leader’. We are excited to see her assume this new position. 

Sophie will also be taking up the Top Ten Committee Manager position, with Caramel assisting her in this new role. 

Advisor: Snork

As Orange assumes his new position in the administration, we are very excited to welcome back Snork to the Advisor board. Snork has been an active voice for the small-medium community and we’re sure he’ll be a great addition to the team as we transition from Flash to HTML. 

Head Moderators: Crazzy, Tsnami and Shinde

AUSIA Moderators: Hiring!

Moreover, we welcome Crazzy, Tsanami and Shinde as ‘Head Moderators’. The Head Moderators will be responsible for overseeing the activity of other moderators and will also be entrusted with ban/kick permissions on the Discord. Crazzy, Tsanami and Shinde have been very active and we are sure that they will do an excellent job as the first Head Moderators of CP Army Hub.

We are also currently looking for more AUSIA based Discord Moderators. Please send your application to the direct messages of LuciferStar if you are interested. 

With still so much to come before 2021 arrives, CP Army Hub looks forward to ending the year on a positive yet exciting note.


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


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