Secret Service Shuts Down and Discontinues Services

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Secret Service Empire- After only two memorable and successful months as a small/medium CP army, the Secret Service have announced their closure. Why did the Secret Service shut down?

The Secret Service was created by TD999 on October 20th, 2020. The army quickly grew in numbers and achieved the first rank on small/medium army top ten rankings just 14 days after its opening.

The Secret Service was performing very well amongst other small/medium armies, and began to witness rapid growth in popularity not too long after it was created. However,  TD999, the army’s creator and leader, announced the closure of the army on December 15th, 2020, less than two months after the army had sprung to life.

 The closure announcement by TD999, click to enlarge

TD999 first joined armies during the CPO era where he joined Doritos, then moved to Pirates and Ice Warriors. After joining a variety of other armies, most recently the Water Troops, he decided to create the Secret Service. He led this army alongside ToxicStorm and JoelFreak.

Not only does TD999 have an extensive army history, he’s also been HCOM in most of the armies he’s joined and participated in organizations such as CPOAL, CPAWL, Subzero Army League, and Flippr Army League.

Following the closure announcement, the Secret Service held one last successful event on CPArmies before closing down. They were able to max an impressive 18 troops at this event.

The last event of Secret Service

CP Army Hub was able to contact TD999 to learn about his views on the closure.

Why did you decide to shut down Secret Service?

I am taking a break from armies due to real life responsibilities like studies & the rest of Secret Service leaders are also busy/going inactive due to personal reasons. So we decided it’s best to shut down Secret Service even though it has been doing good.

What has been your favourite memory while leading Secret Service?

My favorite memory was getting number 1 on small/medium army top tens in just two weeks of creation & rising to major top tens the next week even though Secret Service was an army with no past and was created from scratch.

Why did you decide to name the army Secret Service?

The first ever army I created was called Elite Forces which was Agents themed. I had lots of options while choosing a name for my new army but I decided to go with Secret Service because the theme was still unique at the time and people would find an EPF-like army/server more fun.

Will the Secret Service ever return?

Not 100% sure but we will probably return 2021 mid-year or even sooner and the Second Generation will be even better.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances that life outside of armies create, Secret Service has closed operations. This ended a brilliant first generation for the army, and this is surely not the end for them. This army was very successful and we can hopefully expect the same from the upcoming generations.

What do YOU think? Will the Secret Service return as an army someday? How will they fare in a second generation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter

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