The Next Leader: Nell of the Help Force

ALASKA, Coffee Shop – Welcome to the final edition of “The Next Leader,” written by Reporter Kally. In this column, we get to know the future leaders of our community. Today we chat to Nell, a Third in Command from the Help Force. What are her thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from Nell?

For this week’s edition of The Next Leader, we waddle over to the Help Force, meeting their Admiral, Nell! Her army career started back in January when she joined the Help Force as her first and only army. She quickly acquainted herself with the army scene and earned her promotion to Staff in April.

Attending many of the infamous stamping and recruiting segments, Nell was able to prove her loyalty to the army. Moreover, in mid-June, she was inducted into the Help Force Hall of Fame as a “Power Troop”, an honor that only the most active troops receive.

On August 30th, Nell was promoted to Third in Command, putting her next in line for leadership in the Help Force. She is currently gathering experience as the army’s EU division leader, making sure that events go well, troops are active, and so on.

Her hard work does not go unnoticed, as the Helpers currently comfortably reside on the third spot in the weekly Top Ten. Nell is one of the most active troops and is fiercely improving her leading skills, in the hopes of that final promotion.

Nell and Kally sitting in the Club Penguin Coffee Shop, discussing leadership
Nell sharing her thoughts on leading whilst sipping on some hot chocolate with mini Herbert marshmallows

CP Army Hub Staff met up with Nell in the cozy coffee shop. What inspires Nell? Does she have plans for the future as a leader?

What type of events are your favourite to lead and why?

I really like to lead training events or Operations, as we call them. I can try and exercise new formations or new tactic ideas with the troops so they’re really helpful if you try to improve your leading skills. Rogue events are fun too because you get to see more people getting involved and joining your event.

Oh fun! Where do you see yourself in the post-flash army scene? Any plans?

I’m planning to stay in Help Force. I know that it will be a little harder for us, for all armies actually, to adapt to the post-flash era but changes are part of our lives. We can’t plan everything because we don’t know for certainty what’s going to happen next. All plans and stuff will have to be spontaneous.

Is there anybody you look up to that isn’t in the Help Force?

I’ve admired many of Help Force’s ex-leaders. From other armies, there isn’t anyone in particular who I look up to. I appreciate and respect all army leaders for their continuous work. I know it’s not easy. Their dedication is fantastic. I stay informed with all news and battles that take place and I always try to take the good parts and learn from everyone.

In that case, who would it be within HF?

One of the most important people I look up to is Barnito/Vedant. He’s the current leader of Help Force. He started as a troop, just like all of us, advanced fast on the ranking list. He helped rebuild our whole AUSIA timezone, and now as a leader, he continues to stay active and implement new ideas to our army. I also admire Elp for his dedication and because he knows when to be serious and when to have a more laid-back attitude. Tistle, HF’s previous leader is a really hard-working person and I have an immense respect for him too.

What would you have to achieve to consider yourself a successful leader?

As a leader, I think that one of the most important things is to work in order to keep the community tight, active and to ensure the growth of the army because our troops are the ones who keep things going. Success comes if we are careful about all aspects of the army. Every leader has their own part to play in the Generation and if you make sure that the community keeps flourishing and adapting to the times, I think you can consider you’ve had a successful leadership.

That sounds amazing! Last one, if you could only use one bomb for the rest of your army career, which one would you use and why?

HFPOWER x 6 bomb or EH bomb. They’re my favourite ones.

Nell, with Help Force as her only home, plans to stick around and make the most of what’s to come, despite Flash dying. She wants to ensure that the Help Force remains the tight-knit and active community that it already is. When will we see Nell join Barnito in Leadership?

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Nell’s view on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

PS: Thank you so much for reading The Next Leader. If you read all 10 of them, your next pizza at the Parlor is on me.


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