The Weapons and Toppings War: Day One Ends in Federation Victory

COZY, Battleground – The first of many upcoming battles between the Pizza Federation and SWAT took place yesterday for the server Cozy. Who came out victorious in this heated battle?


Both armies made strong entrances into the first room, with almost equal sizes. The Pizza Federation carried out faster bombs and wipes, making it very hard for SWAT to keep up. Following their superior speed, the Pizza Federation claimed victory in this room.

Inside Mine

Unlike the previous room, Inside Mine saw SWAT gain a sliver of a size advantage over the Pizza Federation. Both armies displayed similar speed with their tactics in this room, making it difficult for the judges to rule one of them as the winner. Since the room closed with both armies unable to outperform each other, this part of the battle ended in a tie.


As the battle entered its final phase, both armies entered the last room with equally fantastic entrances. Neither of them had a real advantage in the beginning, but SWAT lost their grip as the room progressed. The Pizza Federation troops once again outpaced SWAT. Due to their more creative tactics and formations, Pizza Federation gained the win of room three.

After the intense battle for Cozy, the judge’s verdict was released. The Pizza Federation pulled off a 2-0-1 win, with SWAT managing to tie the second room.

After an amazing victory against SWAT, the Pizza Federation has decided to invade Slushy, which is one of SWAT’s territories. Who will win the battle of Slushy? Who will come out victorious at the end of the war between these two armies?

What do YOU think? Will SWAT be able to come back and defend Slushy, or will the Pizza Federation add another win to their record? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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