The Battle for Slushy; Pizza Federation vs. SWAT

SLUSHY, Battleground – The year is coming to an eventful end with the war between the Pizza Federation and Special Weapons and Tactics. The second battle of this on-going war recently took place. Who was declared the victor of Slushy?

Both armies started strongly, achieving a neck-to-neck size of 38 troops online. With tension in the air and mere minutes to go until the faithful Room 1 ping from the judges, who emerged victorious in this battle?


Both armies made a strong entrance into the first room, with Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) having a slight size advantage initially. What the Pizza Federation didn’t have in size, they made up for in speed, being slightly faster than SWAT. As the room continued, the size difference narrowed, and the speed of both armies was almost identical. Due to the consistency of both armies’ speed and size, the room was deemed a tie.

Snow Forts

As the battle progressed to room 2, both armies were performing equally as well. Throughout the room, the size would continue to stay consistent between the two armies. However, through the use of their speed and different formations, the Pizza Federation was able to make themselves look bigger, securing them the win of room 2.


As the battle continued to the final room, both armies entered the room fairly quickly, being hard to determine who entered first. As the final minutes started playing out, the Pizza Federation would increase their speed once again. SWAT kept up with the Pizza Federation for the majority of the room but started slowing down towards the end. As the Pizza Federation sped up, they became neater and cleaner, whereas SWAT had many gaps in their formations. Due to their speed and cleanliness, the Pizza Federation took the victory in the final room.

Concluding the massive battle, the judging verdict was released. The Pizza Federation had managed to pull off another 2-0-1 victory against SWAT.

The third battle is set to take place tomorrow, with SWAT re-invading Cozy to try and successfully claim their territory. Who will be crowned the victor of the next battle? Who will be victorious in the end?

What do YOU think? Will the Pizza Federation be able to successfully defend Cozy? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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