The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Three Results

COZY, Battleground – As the now nicknamed “Weapons and Toppings” war rages on, both SWAT and Pizza Federation are relentlessly battling for servers. Who was able to claim Cozy?

On December 18th, the Pizza Federation and Special Weapons and Tactics logged on for a vicious battle for the server of Cozy. Both armies fought fiercely throughout the battle, using a variety of different tactics and formations. The Pizza Federation peaked at a max of 26, while SWAT showed a max of 30. What were the ultimate results? 


The Stadium saw intense combat between both armies. In the first room, the Pizza Federation covered SWAT, but this wouldn’t last for long. SWAT started to dominate the room with their 10+ size advantage and cleaner forms. With this in mind, SWAT was the victor of room one. 

[Inside Mine]

In the second room, there was no noticeable difference between the two. As the room proceeded, the Pizza Federation was able to lower the size difference to only five. However, more troops were inactive during the battle. This was most notable when bombing, leaving SWAT with a slight advantage. Furthermore, SWAT was more organized and was able to cover the Pizza Federation’s tactics with ease. For these reasons, SWAT won room two. 


The final room of the battle was also the closest. Both armies used a good variety of forms and tactics within the room, and there was no size difference noticeable. As the room started coming to a close, SWAT’s formations became a lot cleaner, covering the Pizza Federation throughout the majority of the room, making SWAT the victor of room three.

Following the massive battle, the judges’ verdict announced that SWAT had successfully invaded Cozy in a 3-0 sweep.

The next battle in this war is the battle of Snow Shoe, as the Pizza Federation attempts to invade SWAT. Who will be crowned the winner of the battle for Snow Shoe? Who will emerge victorious in the Weapons and Toppings War?

What do YOU think? Will the Pizza Federation successfully invade SWAT tomorrow, or will SWAT successfully defend Snow Shoe? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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