The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Four Brings Fiery Federation Victory

YETI, Battleground – Recently we saw the Pizza Federation and Special Weapons and Tactics face off for day four of their Weapons and Toppings war. What went down at this battle and who emerged victoriously?

On December 19th, the Pizza Federation faced off the Special Weapons and Tactics once more for a US battle at 3:00 PM EST. This particular battle featured the Federation on the offensive, aiming to invade Snow Shoe from SWAT. With the pizza army peaking at a slight advantage of 27 troops to SWAT’s 23, who was ultimately able to snag the server?


Room one saw the Pizza Federation enter first, covering SWAT’s bomb with one of their own. SWAT moved into a messy plus, while the Pizza Federation chose a gappy X formation. Although the first forms were a bit messy, eventually both armies changed to other formations such as an L form, two lines, and even a triangle. SWAT and the Pizza Federation faced each other at similar speeds for the rest of the room, covering each other with their large word tactics and bombs. Due to similar performances from the two armies, this room was declared a tie.

Room one of the fight for Snow Shoe


The Federation once again arrived first at the Docks. This time, they opted to quickly form an upside-down V. SWAT, on the other hand, chose a seemingly sideways T formation. However, this form had to be fixed with a quick bomb because it allowed the Federation to look bigger. The opposition was quick to react and bombed to cover SWAT’s new form, with wipes from both sides decorating the battle room. The pizza army had the size advantage with over 5+ more people on, and due to a more flattering form choice from the Pizza Federation, this room was awarded to them.

Room two of the fight for Snow Shoe


At the Stadium, SWAT arrived in first, however, they were eventually covered by the big word bubble from the Pizza Federation. SWAT chose a T formation while the Federation placed themselves in an upside-down V. The Pizza Federation still had a 5 troop size advantage, and both armies managed to pull off well-done formations. After a while, some gaps were noticed in both armies, moreso with SWAT’s V, which allowed them to be covered. SWAT’s wipes, which utilized emotes, also appeared smaller compared to the Federation’s word tactics. SWAT adjusted accordingly with word tactic bombs, but ultimately the pizza army’s performance for the majority of the room outshone SWAT’s, leading to their second room win.

Room three of the fight for Snow Shoe

At the end of the battle, judge Caesar ultimately announced the verdict as follows:

The judging verdict

Although both armies pulled off spectacular performances, ultimately the Pizza Federation was able to snag Snow Shoe with a score of 2-0-1. Will we see similar performances tomorrow as the Pizza Federation marches to invade Avalanche from SWAT? Or will SWAT be able to turn the tides and successfully defend their server?

What do YOU think? What results will we see at tomorrow’s battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Vice President

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