War On War: Templars Declare Their Seventh Holy War Against SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars of CP Empire – On December 19th, the Templars declared war on the Special Weapons and Tactics army. What led to this addition in the Weapons and Toppings War?

Following the recent battles of theĀ Special Weapons and Toppings war, the Templars announced their 7th Great Holy War against Special Weapons and Tactics. In their war declaration, the Templars accused SWAT of “showing hostilities to the Templar Empire and their allies”. Furthermore, the Templars stated that their reason for declaring war on the Special Weapons and Armies for the same reason SWAT declared war on the Pizza Federation; “to have fun”.

The Templar’s war terms.

The CP Army Hub staff team reached out to both parties regarding their statements on the war declaration.

The Army Hub team approached Xing, the current leader of the Templars, who gave the following statement:

We’ve been planning this war for quite some time now, and we wanted to give the veterans who were returning and the new recruits a small treat before the end of flash

The CP Army Hub team then reached out to Ganger90 for the following statement:

I think its funny they declare a fake war when we’re already in one, yet declined a PB with SWAT to battle an army that went on to max 5.

The Templars have announced the invasion of SWAT’s server, White House, at 7PM EST on Monday, December 21st. It seems like both armies are prepared for the war and ready to face the challenges ahead of them. This begs the question, will SWAT be able to keep their land from the Templars and the Pizza Federation?

What do YOU think? How has the war between the Templars, Pizza Federation, and SWAT changed? What will be the outcome of the war? Let us know in the comments below!




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