Island Invaders Sail to SWAT

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Island Invaders Empire – Just over a month after their revival, the Island Invaders have announced their plans to merge into the Special Weapons and Tactics. Why the sudden decision to merge?

The Island Invaders were created by Moani back in May, but the army eventually shut down in June due to inactivity. The army was revived for its second generation by Pumpkin and Legoman on November 7th. Under their leadership, the army was able to consistently place well on the Small/Medium Top Ten and even reached number one.

During the second generation, the Island Invaders witnessed several leadership changes. After Plazimo’s hire, Turnage and Pumpkin retired from their leadership positions. Shortly thereafter, Oli joined the leadership. The quick changes raised some doubts over the army’s stability. Despite the hesitations, the High Command did very well to ensure the army stayed on its feet. The Invaders consistently remained comfortable on the Small/Medium Top Ten.

However, Legoman announced the army’s merge into close friends and allies Special Weapons and Tactics on December 22nd. 

The merge announcement by Legoman, click to enlarge

On December 21st, the Island Invaders held their final event. They maxed a sweet 7, celebrating a last hoorah to conclude their second generation.

The last event of the Island Invaders

CP Army Hub Staff was able to reach out to Legoman for an insight into his views on the merge. Will the Island Invaders ever return?

Why did you decide to merge the Island Invaders into SWAT?

When we started maxing like 2, I was like broooo I got other things to do, especially working out and simping.

What has been your favorite memory while leading Island Invaders?

My favorite memory is probably what I believe to be the shortest war in armies lol. We went to war with the homies over at the Fire Warriors, anticipating a hella close fight, but they kinda didn’t really show up, so it was quite anti climactic. The revival event was also really freakin hot, tbh I only expected like 15 people so it was hella cool to have 22 people come out and support us, especially with scarcely known history as an army beforehand. We actually maxed more than Elites revival :tea_sip:

What are your plans in the CP army community now?

I’m currently a Leader in Training with the hottest army, SWAT, and I anticipate to continue there, ideally for the rest of my sexy career. I actually had to sacrifice making alts and joining the Ice Warriors server and faking various accents to troll the staff team for this position, so I gotta make it worth it. I would like to eventually be known as the hottest and most muscular Leader in SWAT History eventually.

Will the Island Invaders ever return as an army?

Great question homie! We don’t currently have plans to a return, but because I inducted myself as a member of the Panel of Guardians, I am glad to help out any homies interested in reviving our hot army. Also the globe hat is currently free on CPR, so you all better watch for a LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! Revival! :shake:

Even as the Island Invaders come to a close, Legoman looks very positive going into the future, but only time will tell how circumstances unfurl. The Island Invaders completed their second generation under the sun, but this hoorah is certainly not the last one.

What do YOU think? Will the Island Invaders ever return? Or have they found a perfect home in the SWAT? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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