The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Five Sees SWAT Claim Second Victory

AVALANCHE, Battleground – On the fifth day of the Weapons and Toppings war, we saw Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Avalanche. From these two strong armies, who came out victorious?

On December 21st, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation went head to head in another intense battle of the Weapons and Toppings War. Both sides showed great tactics, movements, and forms, but SWAT had a size advantage of nearly 15 penguins, which made it harder for the Federation to invade. While SWAT brought along 38 troops, the Pizza Federation logged on with 26 penguins.

[Snow Forts]

In the Snow Forts, the Special Weapons and Tactics entered first and successfully covered the Pizza Federation’s bomb. Whilst SWAT attempted a circle form, the Federation formed a strong plus. The chefs were quicker in tactics but the size difference did not work in their favor. Special Weapons and Tactics then switched to V formation while the Federation moved to an upside-down T formation. Although the Pizza Federation was quicker and covered some of SWAT’s tactics, they were still unable to overcome the size difference, which declared the room a tie.


The Special Weapons and Tactics successfully entered the second room first. Both armies chose a V formation, where SWAT covered the Federation’s tactics. The Special Weapons and Tactics quickly moved into a slightly sloppy X form while the Pizza Federation created a spacious L form. Similar to the first room, the chefs executed quick tactics but the bigger size of SWAT was evident and too much to overcome. The second room was thus handed to the Special Weapons and Tactics army.

[Inside Mine]

For the final room, SWAT swiftly moved into an upside-down T formation, while the Pizza Federation chose an X. The Federation was able to cover SWAT’s tactics and was generally much quicker, but was soon after covered by a bomb. The size difference was once again difficult to conquer, as SWAT was able to cover the Pizza Federation for the majority of the final room. This led to the mine resulting in SWAT’s victory.

After this heated battle for Avalanche, the judges’ verdict was released. SWAT was able to defend their server with a 2-0-1 win, with the Pizza Federation managing to tie the first room.

The judges' verdict

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

After successfully defending their land, the Special Weapons and Tactics announced their next step in the War, the invasion of Hockey. Will SWAT be able to even the scores? Who will win the battle of Hockey?

What do YOU think? Will the Pizza Federation successfully defend Hockey? Will SWAT be able to keep their win streak? Let us know in the comment section below!


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