Regan Bids Farewell to Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – As the community advances further into the holiday season, the Ice Warriors witness the retirement of Regan as he resigns from his leadership position. What was the reason behind this major retirement?

Regan made his entrance to the community in March 2010, starting off in the Ice Warriors. From there, he reached the position of Second in Command in the army due to successfully winning tournaments after tournaments with the army. However, a few years later, Regan made his way over to the Water Vikings in January 2015 where he resumed as a high command until leaving armies altogether. A few years later, he returned to his home army in 2020, rejoining for Second in Command before being granted Ice Warriors leader in April.

Under his leadership, Regan made the Ice Warriors a force to be reckoned with. The army maintained engagement and successfully remained in third place on the Major Top Ten listings. Constantly hitting high maxes such as 120 plus and achieving impressive goals such as winning the March Madness rematch against the Doritos or going head-to-head with the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Legends Cup X semi-finals, it is clear that Regan played an essential part in this generation of the army.

Ice Warriors facing the Rebels in the Legends Cup X semi-finals

Eventually, all good things must come to an end. After eight months of leading the army, Regan decided to step down from the Ice Warriors leadership. This choice occurred due to already accomplishing everything he could and feeling it was time to make room for a new era. On December 22nd, the Ice Warriors gathered together to throw a memorable retirement event for Regan. This was a simple solo event to take a trip down memory lane and recognize his accomplishments. In this wonderful event, the army had a spectacular number of 100 troops gather for this occasion.

Regan’s retirement event

Following this massive retirement event, Regan took the opportunity to come out with a sincere post regarding his departure on the official Ice Warriors website. He mentioned the amusing memories he shared within the army and granted some shout-outs to fellow members who helped him achieve what he has become today. This also led to him being inducted as an Ice Warriors Legend, announced by the creator, Iceyfeet1234, himself.

Beginning of Regan’s retirement post

CP Army Hub managed to catch up with Regan and hear his thoughts on his retirement in an exclusive interview.

What made you decide to retire?

I just think it’s the perfect time to do it. With flash ending and after achieving the highest rank on the Ice Warriors hall of fame, It’s time for a new era in the Ice Warriors. I also have 100% confidence in my fellow leaders and our upcoming ones so I guess there isn’t much more I can do.

Do you have any predictions of returning in the future?

Well with everything that’s going on in real life and the possibility of going back into lock down. I would never rule out a return to my home army. At this moment I’m focusing on real life goals at the moment but will still be involved in the community as IW & WN advisor.

Is there a favorite memory you had while leading the Ice Warriors?

Countless. One of my proudest moments was correcting a wrong when we won the March Madness rematch and then going on to win the tournament. It meant a lot more that I did it alongside amazing leaders and troops. The Legends cup against RPF is still a standout to me now more than ever since it shows that whatever CPPS we’re on. The Ice Warriors will never give up.

Any final comments you’d like to add?

The spirit of the Ice Warriors will never go away. For me to max 100 at my retirement event was not possible without my loyal troops. Eagla an oighir! (P.S Happy holidays to you all!)

Although saying farewell to a remarkable leader is saddening, Regan seems confident that the army will continue to endeavour without him. It seems that Regan is grateful for the wonderful memories he made in the community, but he wants to give the new troops a chance to lead the army to glory. Above all, the Ice Warriors seem to have a promising future ahead to remain a powerhouse. With the retirement of this beloved leader, how will the Ice Warriors fare?

What do YOU think? Will the Ice Warriors continue to reach new heights without Regan? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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