The Weapons and Toppings War: Day Six Sees SWAT Even the Score

HOCKEY, Battleground – As the Weapons and Toppings war rages on, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation battle for the occupancy of Hockey. What was the outcome of this exciting battle?

On December 22nd, the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Pizza Federation went head to head in another intense battle of the Weapons and Toppings War. Both sides showed great tactics, movements, and forms, but SWAT had a size advantage of nearly 10 penguins, which made it harder for the Federation to invade. While SWAT brought along 31 troops, the Pizza Federation logged on with 21 penguins.

[Inside Mine]

The Special Weapons and Tactics swiftly entered first and covered the Pizza Federation’s bomb. While SWAT came into a strong plus form, the Federation stepped into a T formation which was quickly drowned out by their opponent. Although the Pizza Federation fought hard, they were at a disadvantage of size, speed, and clarity, which ultimately led to SWAT’s win in room one.

SWAT vs. Pizza Federation in room one: Inside Mine

[Inside Dojo]

In the second room, the Pizza Federation quickly came into a plus formation while SWAT chose a sideways T formation. SWAT covered the Federation’s tactics and was much quicker in terms of speed in this formation. The Pizza Federation proceeded to make two lines across while SWAT formed a circle. In this formation, both armies were more sloppy, but the size difference was overbearing for the Federation. Due to this, the judges ruled the second room in SWAT’s favor.

SWAT vs. Pizza Federation in room two: Inside Dojo


For the final room, SWAT entered into a backwards L while the Pizza Federation copied their formation unsuccessfully. SWAT held almost double the number of troops over the Pizza Federation and made cleaner formations. SWAT moved into an X formation while the Federation rapidly entered a diagonal form. Due to SWAT’s cleaner forms, quicker tactics, and major size advantages, the final room was declared a SWAT victory.

SWAT vs. Pizza Federation in room three: Stadium

After this thrilling battle for Hockey, the judges’ rulings were released. SWAT was able to triumphantly win Hockey with a 3-0-0 score. Congratulations to SWAT!

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

It seems that after gaining the Pizza Federation’s land, both sides are considering their next move in the war. It will certainly be interesting to watch how both armies fare in the future battles of the Weapons and Toppings war. Will the Pizza Federation be able to come back?

What do YOU think? What will happen in the next day of the war? Let us know in the comments section below!


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