How YOUR Army Is Celebrating The Holiday Season?

ALASKA, CP Army Headquarters – As CP Army Hub wishes you a very Merry Christmas, we take a look at what the armies of this community are doing to celebrate the holiday season. What is YOUR army doing this year?

For the past week, the armies of this community have been hosting an array of festive-filled events and games for their individual communities to come together and enjoy. At the start of this month, the CP Army Hub released their December schedule in our annual December 2020 @ CPAH article, but what have the armies had planned?!

CP Army Hub announces their plans for December.

To find out about their holiday plans this December, we contacted the staff of 14 armies to bring you all the information.

Rebel Penguin Federation

So as the holidays approach, we’ve hosted a few festive events! From our Elf movie night on Monday, to fun costume events on CPR, to our Black Ice Alliance Christmas party with the Ice Warriors. On Christmas Day, we will be hosting 0 events so people can spend time with their families. For those who don’t celebrate Christmas, they can enjoy a special day off from RPF activities.

Army of Club Penguin

There’s a lot of things ACP is doing to celebrate the Holidays this year. This week has been our Holiday themed week as the HCOM team came up with many creative Club Penguin events to get everyone in the Holiday mood. At the end of the week (before Christmas) we capped it all off with a Christmas Ball! As is tradition in the Army of CP, we have been tracking Santa all Christmas Eve and posting any sightings of Santa on our very own Santa tracker channel! Speaking of Santa, we held a Secret Santa this year that many of our troops participated in – giving gifts to one another so no one would be lonely without a gift this year.  It wouldn’t be the Holidays on Club Penguin without Coins For Change as well. Csy, ACP Leader, came up with an amazing idea called Clovers Coins where we’ve been working together as a community to reach goals and prizes for our army this Holiday season. It ends in January. Today we announced our Christmas Short Story Writing Competition as well. Sharing stories is some of the most important parts of the Holidays, so what could be better than an ACP Holiday themed short story. Finally, our Minecraft team has been hosting Christmas themed building contests, drop parties, and tournaments for those that are really into Minecraft. We wanted to branch out for one of the first times this Holiday season and it’s really paid off as everyone has been having so much fun! It’s been a Holiday to remember.


Later today, we’ll be attending the community Christmas-Ball hosted by ACP. The next few days will be pretty quiet in the Doritos since we want to allow our staff and members to spend time with IRL family! However, we have some big announcements coming up tomorrow

Water Vikings

We have a couple of fun movie and game nights planned for the upcoming days and a few themed events, nothing special really haha. But in addition to that, we are also planning to celebrate our 10 year anniversary which is on the 28th of this month.

Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors are giving our troops a little break to spend some time offline and be with their families this Holiday Season- as that is the most important thing!  Yesterday we had a fun BIA Holiday Party with our brother allies RPF, and a Christmas Showdown with our troops later this week!  One of our HCOM members organized a Secret Santa for our Staff, HCOM, and Leadership in which we all exchanged gifts we made or purchased for each other today!  The Ice Warriors wish you a Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!

Special Weapons and Tactics

We will be giving our troops a break for Christmas Eve and Christmas, and we are also holding a new years ball somewhere close to the 30th

Pizza Federation

Well we had a Christmas Party on the 23rd where we just hung out on CPR and played igloo games, and that was a lot of fun. On Christmas Eve we attended ACP’s Christmas Ball and had an end-of-year awards ceremony and legend induction. Overall, though, we’re going to go light (no pun intended) on events for the holidays because we feel like our troops deserve a break and we truly want them to spend time with their families and not on Discord or Club Penguin 🙂

Silver Empire

We are all just enjoying time with our families.

Red Ravagers

We are gonna take it a bit slower on the events for this and the following week so everyone has time to settle down with Christmas/the holidays. maybe if my bank accounts in the holiday spirit ill giveaway some nitro for some good fun 🙂

Fighter Pilots

We’ve held some fun holiday events up until today! We had a Christmas ball last week, and a Holiday Fashion show yesterday. We even did a Holiday themed Kahoot. Today we’re also participating in a community Christmas ball with ACP and other armies!

One Direction Army

ODA actually had their Christmas festivities last week, because this week we feel that people should take a break from club penguin and enjoy the holidays with their families. (safely ofc) Last week we did a Christmas themed fashion show which was a lot of fun hosting and seeing the creativity that the people who attended brought out. We also did a Christmas themed tactic event which was also really fun! We hope that everyone enjoyed these events especially considering the conditions we are in.


We really have nothing planned except for Christmas prayer in VC.

Golden Troops

We’ll mainly just be spending time with our families and friends at home, of course while making sure everyone is safe while doing it. We plan to possibly host some fun things over the next few days/week for our troops to have fun with and some Christmas related things but that’s really it, there’s not much planned other than to relax really over the break.

Crimson Guardians

CG has had a few Christmas tactics events, one on our own and one with ACP. We’re also attending ACP’s Christmas ball. In our discord server,  we have a puzzle event going on! It has multiple stages and is made by one of our Hall of Flame members, Elec Twix.

It certainly appears the army community has been enjoying fun-filled themed events and more over the past few weeks, and are excited for the New Year to begin. From everyone here at CP Army Hub, Merry Christmas!

What do YOU think? How are you celebrating the holidays with your army? Let us know YOUR thoughts below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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