S/M Legend Inductions 2020 – The Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This year has been one of the most memorable and successful years based on sheer size and the numbers of competitive armies. Now, after long discussions were held, we can present to you the 2020 results for the S/M legend inductions.

To begin, I would like to quickly thank everybody who voted and assisted with the inductions this year. Also want to give a special thanks to Pookie who helped shape the entire process before his exit. We had a very high voter turnout this year in a short amount of time which truly shows the value of the “Legend” title to the community. These votes were very important to the induction process as they gave nominees a chance for bonus votes, but also the results were presented to the committee beforehand and used within debates among the committee. The community vote proved to extremely successful and it is something I hope we can continue to include in all inductions moving forward.

Onto the specially selected legend committee, this committee consisted of 15 individuals who were present through the vast majority of 2020, 12 of whom have already been granted the title of ‘CP Army Legend with myself having the SM legend title. The final two members were CP Army Hub representatives. I was selected to be the committee head for the S/M inductions to help verify the votes for each candidate counted by the three legend committee heads: Iceyfeet, Mchappy, and Kingfunks. Each committee member had their own private channel to vote either yes, no, or abstain from voting. The private voting channels allowed each member to have their vote be anonymous. The following people were included in the legend committee:

  • Iceyfeet1234 – 2008 Army Legend [Committee Head]
  • Mchappy – 2011 Army Legend [Committee Head]
  • Ganger90 – 2011 Army Legend 
  • Kingfunks4 – 2013 Army Legend [Committee Head]
  • Freezie – 2014 Army Legend 
  • Orange – 2016 SM Army Legend [S/M Committee Head]
  • Silverburg – 2017 Army Legend
  • Cobra – 2018 Army Legend 
  • Superhero123 – 2019 Army Legend 
  • Ultipenguinj – 2019 Army Legend 
  • 32op – 2019 Army Legend
  • DMT – 2019 Army Legend 
  • Koloway – 2019 Army Legend 
  • Eden – CP Army Hub Founder
  • LuciferStar – CP Army Hub CEO [Committee Head]

As there are 15 members of the committee, to be inducted as a ‘CP Army Legend’ nominees would need 8 votes from the committee. However, we do of course include the community vote in the final decision. Candidates received one additional vote if they received 50% or more in the community vote, and one additional vote if they were within the top three (meaning they could earn up to two additional votes and therefore need less committee votes).

This year has been indeed a memorable one for the S/M community. So many different armies and leaders had their time in the spotlight. From the countless wars to the incredible tournaments, many induvial shined bright this year, however only a very few could separate themselves from the rest. Only a very few individuals from throughout history have earned the title of S/M legend. Without further adieu, below are the results of the S/M legends induction process for 2020.



4 Yes 11 No

+1 Community Vote (Top Three)

Not Inducted


12 Yes 3 No

+2 Community Votes (50.6% & Top Three)

★ Inducted as S/M Legend ★


3 Yes 12 No

Not Inducted


0 Yes 15 No

Not Inducted


13 Yes 2 No

+2 Community Votes (52.9% & Top Three)

★ Inducted as S/M Legend ★


1 Yes 14 No

Not Inducted


7 Yes 8 No

Not Inducted


0 Yes 15 No

Not Inducted


1 Yes 14 No

Not Inducted


Congratulations to Freedomist and Lightningmcj for receiving the title of S/M Army Legend! Light has been inducted for the incredible success of the Pizza Federation this year, which saw them dominate multiple tournaments. Freedomist on the other hand continued to make Templars a powerful force in the community, later moving on to Water Ninjas with great success. Also, due to the success of PZF this year, R3tro has been moved from 2019 to 2020.

Special thanks to the whole committee who spent hours debating and discussing the nominees. As a S/M legend myself, this is a title that took me years to earn and when I finally obtained it, I was extremely happy. So for those of you who earned it, I congratulate you as this is a true achievement. For those of you who did not quite get it, do not give up. Personally, I have gotten rejected from numerous inductions until I was finally inducted, I would use results like these as motivation to succeed. In my opinion, this was definitely one of the hardest inductions to get inducted in as the board was very critical when it came to voting, so those who earned it truly deserved it. Lastly, I hope that this process has appeared transparent, clear and fair for all of the nominees.

That concludes the S/M legends process for 2020, with two extremely deserving leaders inducted for this year. It has been a sensational year for CP Armies, and there is no doubt that these individuals have been at the heart of that success. We would like to hear what you think, do you agree with the newly inducted legends, or should someone else have been included? 


CP Army Hub Vice President & S/M Legend Committee Manager


CP Army Hub Advisor & Legend Committee Manager


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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