Highly Flammable? Sweater Heats Up Fire Warriors Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Warriors’ Empire During this uncertain period, as several armies saw their respective leaders retire, Sweater, advisor to the Fire Warriors, broke the streak and joined their leadership. What led to this decision, and what does he hope to accomplish?

Sweater first joined the army community in May of 2013, joining the Special Weapons and Tactics and then the Doritos for a while before leaving. He later returned to the Special Weapons and Tactics in January 2015, ranking up to the position of leader and receiving the Legend status there. In January, Sweater decided to join the Doritos again. After a short stint at the Doritos, he went on to lead Mayhem, and then led the recreation of the Special Weapons and Tactics in April, later playing an active role in bringing them back in June. 

Lately, Sweater has been most involved in both the Fire Warriors and the Shadow Troops, serving as a leader in both before eventually leaving. However, he was also serving as an advisor, previously leading for some time, but later stepped down, to the Skateboarders, led by Otter before they rebranded to the Fire Warriors.

Sweater being announced as flame commander, click to enlarge

Sweater announced to the Fire Warriors server he will be joining Otter as the newest Fire Warriors’ leader out of admiration for her leadership style. To find out more, the CP Army Hub team reached out to Sweater for an interview regarding his promotion.

What made you decide to join otter as the newest leader?

I’ve been advising Ot_ter since before Fire Warriors even rebranded. She’s a very talented leader & an amazing person. I saw her lead in Redemption Force when I was a SWAT leader, and I’ve wanted to lead with her for a while!

What do you want to accomplish in the Fire Warriors?

I just want to prove to myself that I’ve still got it. I want to be the person I was in April, and show that I’ve not burned out too fast.

What plans do you have for the fire warriors following the end of Flash?

To continue growing and storm through. We play on CPR anyway.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

In the words of Jaden, watch me do this.

It seems that Sweater is all set to take on the burden of leadership and lead alongside Otter. His past experience in the Special Weapons and Tactics, Doritos, and other recent armies have proven his worthiness. However, with an uncertain time ahead, will he be able to lead his army through the end of Flash? Or will we see another army shutdown?

What do YOU think? Will Sweater be successful? Or will he fall short? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


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